New Update for “OpsLogix Oracle Management Pack for SCOM 2012 V1.3.14.0” released.


We are proud to announce a new update release V1.3.14.0 for our Oracle Management Pack on the SCOM 2012 platform. This contains several changes and additions which you can read about in the release notes (text file) included in the updated Oracle MP zip file.

  • This update release is compatible with the OpsLogix Oracle MP release V1.2.2.532 or later.
  • The update is downloadable throughout the OpsLogix customer portal.

Update Instructions:

This release contains updated ODAC (Oracle data access) components.

If you are already using Oracle MP version 1.3.12.x or earlier you will have to complete the following steps below in order to allow SCOM to distribute these components:

  1. Import the updated management packs. The ODAC management pack may take some time to import (+/- 5 minutes)
  2. After the MP is imported, allow for the updated MP files to be distributed in your SCOM environment (+/- 10 minutes)
  3. In the SCOM console go to the folder OpsLogix -> Monitoring Nodes and select view “Monitoring Nodes”. This view contains all the agents that are used for Oracle instance monitoring.
  4. For every node login to the server and follow the steps below:
  5. Stop the SCOM agent (or gateway/management server)
  6. Go to the installation directory of the SCOM agent (or gateway/management server). For example “C:Program FilesSystem Center Operations ManagerAgent”
  7. Delete the 4 files below:
  • oraociei11.dll
  • OraOps11w.dll
  • Oracle.DataAccess.dll
  • oci.dll
  1. Start the SCOM agent
  2. After +/- 2 minutes the updated ODAC component files (see below) should appear in the SCOM installation directory
  • oraociei12.dll
  • OraOps12w.dll
  • Oracle.DataAccess.dll
  • oci.dll

Please be aware of the following:

If you have saved templates or overrides in the Oracle overrides MP named “OpsLogix IMP – Oracle (Overrides)” please do not import the Oracle override MP file (OpsLogix.IMP.Oracle.Overrides.xml) of this update release. If you do, you will overwrite your changes and return to the MP’s default state.

For any question please contact us by phone or email.

OpsLogix Sales and Development Team