Update: EZalert V Advanced SCOM Alert Suppression

Update: EZalert V Advanced SCOM Alert Suppression

EZalert is our software solution based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can be trained to classify SCOM alerts and filter out potential SCOM alert storms caused by false positives.

During Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, we were very happy to launch our AI solution EZalert for advanced SCOM alert closing. EZalert is our software solution based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can be trained to classify SCOM alerts and filter out potential alert storms caused by false positives. This keeps the Active Alerts view of the Operations Manager console free of irrelevant alerts.

Machine Learning & SCOM Alert Closing

The machine learning component allows EZalert to learn from the SCOM administrator and mimic his or her behavior when automatically closing irrelevant SCOM alerts. EZalert is also fully compatible with SCOM 2016. Click here to request a free trial for EZalert.

If you already have access to our customer area, you can download EZalert and try it yourself.

EZalert V Updates

To make SCOM alert closing easier for you, from now on it’s possible to add a license key through the UI. We’ve also made sure to enable SCOM administrators to exclude any rule or monitor that generates alerts in system center by adding a new Exclusion tab.

Furthermore, we have the following additions:

  • The possibility to set an user account for the services during an installation.
  • Refactored UI text and labels.
  • UI performance improvements.

What You Need To Know Before Transitioning To Cloud Computing

What You Need To Know Before Transitioning To Cloud Computing

It’s well known that cloud computing is the future of enterprise Information Technology. This is also the case for data traffic in the cloud, which keeps growing. According to Forbes, within the next few years, 92% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers. A study conducted by RightScale shows that 88% of enterprise organizations currently are using public cloud solutions and 63% are already using private cloud-solutions. However, many companies are still unsure on how to fully adopt cloud computing.

Cloud computing, a major shift in business

Shifting an IT environment to cloud computing is a huge deal, therefore it’s not a big surprise that enterprises are reluctant to switch within a short time frame. With that said, how does an IT and business leader avoid risk involved and ensure a secure and reliable transition to cloud computing? cloud computing

Avoid being overcharged

When you transition from on-premises data centers to cloud computing, you’ll be able to experience major cost benefits. However, and yes there is a ‘however’, decision makers need to be familiar with cloud technology and stay on top of cloud usage, spikes, and other changes. It also happens to be the case that the era of cloud price discounts is coming to an end.

With cloud computing, security should be a priority

7557181168_91f4af2d99_mTraditionally cloud computing has been more secure than on-premises computing. However, it does not mean that cloud computing is immune to hackers, other security breaches or employees that don’t know what they are doing.

Because of many incidents, companies are tightening up their security measures and are reconsidering or even prolonging their cloud computing transition plans.

Security risks can be prevented if IT and business leaders put the correct controls in place and implement the necessary due diligence:

  • train your employees from the bottom up on secure cloud computing behavior and;
  • interconnect multiple clouds to ensure better disaster recovery and performance.

Help potentially confused employees

Cloud computing goes much further than restarting a computer, using personal devices and learning to work with software that’s necessary for employees to do their jobs. Around 43% of data leakages according to a recent Intel Security Study is caused by internal employees. The main causes for the data leakages are a lack of basic training or human error.

On the backend, organizations should:

  • automate governance policies;
  • implement solutions to classify, scan and redact information, and;
  • pairing the above activities with ongoing employee training around data security.

Ask for help

In-house IT professionals tasked with handling everything regarding servers and data storage is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With the transition to cloud computing comes the adoption of third party IT vendors. Because of these changes it’s important that you:

  • Find business partners that will work for and with you, your needs, budgeting, and timeline.
  • Your partner(s) needs to have the same state of mind as you do, to be able to assist you with cloud migration, management, and protection.

This will allow business and IT leaders to focus on making technology work as a competitive and strategic differentiator for employees and customers alike.

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OpsLogix Ping Management Pack for SCOM 10.000+ downloads

OpsLogix Ping Management Pack for SCOM 10.000+ downloads

We are extremely excited to announce that the OpsLogix Ping Management Pack has been downloaded over 10.000 times by the System Center community.

The Ping Management Pack is our free contribution to the System Center community.

With the Ping Management Pack, we wanted to give System Center administrators and architects a simple but useful tool to check connections within the infrastructure or network.  The Ping Management Pack enables quick checks and confirmations on whether a monitor or device is up or down and how fast the connection is responding.

We are thankful and happy to see that our free solution is being used on a large scale. At OpsLogix we are committed to creating useful and innovative software that enables organizations to run their operations smoothly. To celebrate this milestone we are offering all our Management Packs with a 5% discount until the end of the year.

5% off on all our Management Packs for SCOM until 31-12-2016

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Because we are feeling generous, we offer a 5% discount on purchases of our Oracle, BlackBerry, SWIFT, Capacity, ProView and VMware Management Packs until the end of 2016.


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Christmas came early this year! Trade in your VMware MP for the renewal price of our competitors!

Christmas came early this year! Trade in your VMware MP for the renewal price of our competitors!

Do you feel like you are paying too much for your current VMware Management Pack?

The most advanced and affordable SCOM Management Pack for VMware just got better!

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We are so confident that you will like our VMware Management Pack, that we offer you to purchase our Management Pack for the renewal price of our competitors! That’s right, you are not paying more than you already budgeted for this year. And as a bonus, starting from the second year, the OpsLogix Support and Maintenance fee applies, which is only $24.00 per socket!

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New release: VMware Management Pack V1.3.5.0