Watch: Course on Monitoring your Hybrid Environment with OMS Security

Watch: Course on Monitoring your Hybrid Environment with OMS Security

We recently encountered an online course, brought to you by Yuri Diogenes, Senior Content Developer at Microsoft, comprised out of 13 videos giving you the details on security challenges for IT operations and how the OMS Security and Audit solution can help you to overcome those challenges. At OpsLogix we thought that this is pretty cool and useful so we’d like to share it with you.

Hybrid Environments & OMS Security

Learn about assessments for antimalware, updates, and baselines. Explore monitoring considerations for identity, access, and computers. If you’re wondering how to implement and manage Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to monitor a hybrid enterprise infrastructure, be sure to check out this course. Learn about deployment, antimalware, and update assessments, in addition to incident detection and response.

Security Challenges

Take a look at important deployment considerations for OMS Security agents, along with general considerations. Plus, leverage Microsoft security intelligence to help you identify suspicious activities in your environment, and find out how to use notable issues to investigate alerts.

Update Release: EZalert V 1.0 Advanced SCOM Alert Tuning

Update Release: EZalert V 1.0 Advanced SCOM Alert Tuning

EZalert is our software solution for advanced SCOM alert tuning based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

The machine learning component allows EZalert to learn from the SCOM administrator and mimic his or her behavior when automatically closing irrelevant SCOM alerts. EZalert is also fully compatible with SCOM 2016. Click here to request a free trial for EZalert.

Get to know our SCOM alert tuning solution

Added to EZalert V 1.0

For the updated version we’ve made some small corrections to the UI, WCF service and logic in the backend and added a service & license status indicator to the top of the UI. Furthermore, new stored procedures have been added to the database for increased performance.

Changes & Bug fixes EZalert V 1.0

We’ve made some additional changes to the UI and backend for the latest update. The UI has been updated with a new layout for the settings page and on the backend the performance of the EZalert windows NT and EzAlert API (WCF srv) has been increased. As for the bug fixes? It’s no longer possible to use the same installation/database of EZalert on multiple management groups and accuracy on the settings tab is displayed correctly.

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