Video: Adding an Existing SCOM Distributed App to OpsLogix ProView Management Pack

Video: Adding an Existing SCOM Distributed App to OpsLogix ProView Management Pack


In this demonstration video, Tao Yang shows how to create an OpsLogix Proview dashboard for an existing System Center Operations Manager Distributed Application. In this particular demonstration, Tao Yang is using the Windows Azure pack.

About the OpsLogix ProView Management Pack

ProView is a flexible user-friendly visualization tool that enables the complete dynamic visualization of all of the data being monitored in System Center Operations Manager.

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” allowing us to understand complex problems in the blink of an eye. With ProView visualizing this complexity is only limited by your imagination.

Visualization is the easiest way to process large quantities of data and complicated systems. A good image or diagram can show patterns, underlying relationships, and dependencies. The ability to visualize related system components benefits ITSM monitoring immensely.

Learn more about the OpsLogix ProView Management Pack for System Center here.

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All you need to know about the OpsLogix VMware Management Pack

All you need to know about the OpsLogix VMware Management Pack

For most companies virtualization has become the common standard in all facets of IT. Desktop virtualization, emulators, and hypervisors, all contribute to autonomic computing which in turn ultimately aims to develop computer systems capable of self-management.




Base licenses per socket starting from €159
Making sense in price and performance!






OpsLogix VMware Management Pack

The OpsLogix VMware Management Pack provides essential basic monitoring for  VMware environment, presenting data in the System Center Operations Manager console. The OpsLogix Management Pack for VMware takes all the States and Alerts vCenter generates and presents them in System Center Operations Manager 2012 or higher.

Following the common engineering criteria set down by Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) which unifies hardware, software, and services. The OpsLogix VMware Management Pack consolidates VMware data in SCOM for a competitive price!

Two minute VMware Management Pack demonstration by Vincent de Vries

What else does the OpsLogix VMware Management Pack do?


  • The OpsLogix VMware Management Pack fully supports the CI perspective in Service Manager, meaning that the data can be used in an automated workflow such as auto-populating a CMDB or auto-ticketing prompt.
  • We’ve also made sure that our VMware Management Pack seamlessly integrates into OMS. Meaning for companies already using OMS, it’s an easy fit, maximizing both the centralizing of infrastructural data as well as being able to use the tools OMS log analytics provides.

VMware Management Pack demonstration by MVP Tao Yang

Virtualization and why it’s important


Virtualization has been around since the end of the 1990s and has rapidly developed into a standard feature in any enterprise infrastructure. Its immediate benefits are:

  • Reduced administration burden in that, a centralized console allows quicker server access for purposes of provisioning and/or re-provisioning, quickly allocating additional resources such as RAM, power or space
  • Super-fast deployment simply because every server is a file or collection of files on disk. This means that adding additional servers to an infrastructure is literally a matter of cloning or in layman’s terms copy-pasting.
  • Greatly reduced infrastructure cost in hardware. Things like cooling, electricity, network ports, mice and keyboards not to mention physical space. Industry studies have estimated that virtualization increases hardware utilization and operating costs by at least 50% to 70%.




Extending Microsoft Private Cloud OpsLogix VMware Management Pack

VMware Management Pack & OMS Log Analytics

Our VMware Management Pack has been fully integrated into Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite from the get-go.

We also make it possible to collect over 60 performance metrics to analyze the VMware health state. For example, Host / VM memory and CPU usage and datastore space etc. and of course all audit / task / alarm / snmp etc. events. Meaning that you can use it to meet all the requirements of your security auditing (NEN, SOX, ISO & etc.) And what’s really neat about our VMware monitoring solution, is that it doesn’t require a vCenter installation. You can also directly connect to a ESX(i) host without almost losing any monitoring features.


If you are already using our VMware Management Pack, or you are in trial fase, we offer the VMware OMS Log Analytics solution completely for free. Would you like to try it? Send an email to