OpsLogix is sponsoring SCOM-Day 2018

OpsLogix is sponsoring SCOM-Day 2018


Wednesday 10th of October 2018, Visual Arena, Lindholmen, Gothenburg

This year’s theme

Hybrid Monitoring

As more and more people buy cloud services, we have focused on how to monitor hybrid environments with products such as SCOM and Azure prior to this year’s event. Therefore, we have invited Thomas Maurer (MVP) and Marcel Zehner (MVP), two of Microsoft’s “Most Valuable Professionals” and Martin Ehrnst (Intility), representing a major host retailer. All three will be present as a speaker will be available for you to share their experiences during the event.

For those who have not been able to participate in the SCOM-Day event of the previous year, now have the opportunity to join! It’s the ideal forum for anyone working in IT Operations at all levels. The idea is to network and get tips from colleagues in the industry, to work together towards a more modern and more efficient, innovative IT operation. In the previous years, organizations from all sorts of industries have participated and we hope that you will also appear this year.

The event is free of charge and the day is packed with valuable tips from well-known speakers in the area, along with the latest and hottest news from vendors.

Following feedback from our participants in previous years, we have chosen to cut the number of sponsors by half for the 2018 event and invite external speakers. We constantly want to improve the quality of the event to provide you with the best possible experience.


0830-0900 Registration
0900-0905 Welcome
0905-0945 Thomas Maurer (MVP)
What is Azure Stack, how does it work and how do you monitor it?
0945-1015 Coffee
1015-1045 Opslogix
The future of VMware monitoring (on-prem, hybrid and cloud)
1045-1100 Leg stretcher
1100-1130 HYCU
More info will be available soon.
1130-1200 NiCE
Monitoring Office 365 based on your perspective.
1200-1300 Lunch & Quiz
1300-1330 Silect
Silect Portal for SCOM – Silect will demonstrate a new SCOM web portal that allows users to interactively view and share information about what is being monitored in their environment.
1330-1400 Approved
News in Operations Manager 1807 and Azure Management.
1400-1430 Coffee & Fika
1430-1515 Martin Ehrnst (Intility)
Experience from a host supplier to supervise a hybrid environment with SCOM and Azure.
1515-1530 Leg stretcher
1530-1615 Marcel Zehner (MVP)
Monitor and manage a Tesla with PowerShell, SCOM, OMS and PowerBI.
1615-1645 Closing

The event is primarily for end users and in order to ensure the quality, we reserve the right to refuse access to persons outside the target group. The number of seats is limited and the interest is large (max 3 from each organization).



Would you like to attend SCOM-Day 2018? You can register here!


What’s New With The Latest EZalert Update by OpsLogix?

What’s New With The Latest EZalert Update by OpsLogix?

OpsLogix is happy to announce the latest update of the EZalert solution, version 2. It does a lot more than just closing alerts, in comparison to the first release of the solution.

So What’s New With EZalert?

EZalert is a tool that uses machine learning to help you manage your SCOM environment in a more efficient and effective way, it helps you filter out noisy alerts and lower the total cost of ownership.

When starting out with EZalert, you will have to start “training” EZalert to handle new incoming alerts. By setting the resolution state on new incoming alerts EZalert “learns” what resolution state you would like to set for the same or similar alerts when a new alert is generated.

Eventually, with enough training, EZalert will start predicting with an increasingly higher accuracy what resolution state to set for an alert. When you are confident that EZalert predicts the resolution state for incoming alerts accurately, you can turn on auto apply and EZalert will automatically apply the predicted resolution state to the new incoming alerts in real-time. Not only is it possible to let EZalert set the resolution state on new incoming alerts, but you can also attach a PowerShell script (and use properties of the alert as parameters) to a specific resolution state as an action.


Watch The Demo Here

QuickStart Guide

  1.  Configure your resolution states based on where your alerts should be transferred to. This could be different groups within your IT-organization that should work with the alerts.
  2. Train your model with all incoming alerts to match your desired resolution state. Consider closing alerts (255) that you might use for reporting purpose that doesn’t require immediate attention to the cleanup noise.
  3. Don’t train simple alerts with too many entries when the confidence level is high. This will only slow down the training and consume more memory.
  4. Enable auto-apply. We recommend a confidence level above 85% in order to get good results. This will also ensure that alerts that don’t match won’t be forwarded to a trained resolution state.
  5. Use the low confidence filter to find the alerts that need more training and train them until they reach the configured confidence level.
  1. Pre-actions to set Custom fields for example Management Pack, Operated By – used by the machine learning algorithm.
  2. Post actions Custom fields for a statistical purpose on what resolution state was applied.
We were Inspired! A look back at Microsoft Inspire 2018

We were Inspired! A look back at Microsoft Inspire 2018

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, the OpsLogix team is slowly but surely returning after enjoying their hard earned vacations shortly following Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas last month. We were proud and happy to present the newest update of our EZalert solution and inform our (future) customers about our plans for the upcoming release. In our latest update, we have basically turned EZalert, which was only a machine learning tool that could close new incoming alerts based on its training in System Center Operations Manager into a tool that also automatically sets resolution states. More information about the EZalert update will follow shortly.

Microsoft Inspire Las Vegas 2018

We appreciate everybody that visited our booth, showed interest in our solution or attended a demo. It was great to see new and familiar faces we hadn’t seen in a while.

The team has arrived! Let’s have a great one! #MSINSPIRE2018

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Warm welcome from the Microsoft team! Day 2 #MSINSPIRE

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Of course, we also want to be known as the exhibitor with the most fun sticker!! Who do you think won?

Want some of our fun stickers & magnets? Visit booth 1838 #MSINSPIRE

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If you would like to learn more about EZalert, VMware Management Pack or our other solutions, go www.opslogix.com or drop us a line at sales@opslogix.com

Team OpsLogix