Azure Managed Applications is a new service provided by Microsoft which allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and corporate central IT teams to deliver turnkey solutions through the Azure Marketplace or Service Catalog. So what does that mean for the end-user?

Basically, the end-users deploy these managed applications into their subscriptions, but they don’t have to maintain, update, or service them. Which is a great key advantage of the Azure Managed Applications services! It’s the responsibility of the vendors to manage and support these applications. So as an end-user, you don’t have to invest in building the application specific domain knowledge, which would have been needed to service these applications. You will automatically acquire application updates without having to worry about troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with the application.

At OpsLogix, we’ve developed a Managed Application of our Oracle OMS Collector, however, it’s not yet ready to market. In the video above, Kristian Nese, Senior Program Manager of AzureCAT at Microsoft gives you a short demo of how to use our Oracle OMS Collector as an Azure Managed App during Experts Live Europe 2017.