OpsLogix & Microsoft Partner For Azure Managed Applications

OpsLogix & Microsoft Partner For Azure Managed Applications

As of now Managed Applications are Generally Available in the Azure Marketplace. We from OpsLogix couldn’t be more excited as a launch partner with Microsoft to be one of the first to offer Managed Application services to our customers.

“Azure Managed Applications enables OpsLogix customers to easily deploy and use our solutions without having to undertake on-going maintenance and servicing complexities.”
Vincent de Vries, CEO, OpsLogix

Oracle OMS Azure Managed Application

Azure Managed Applications

Azure Managed Applications enable Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners and enterprise IT teams to deliver fully managed, turnkey cloud solutions that can be made available through the Azure Marketplace or through the enterprise service catalog of a specific end-customer. Customers can quickly deploy managed applications in their own subscription and rely on the partner for maintenance operations and support across the life cycle.

Azure Managed Applications is an additional partner opportunity to expand beyond infrastructure and software, by attaching services and operational support to Azure solutions. Partners using Managed Applications can invoice customers directly using Azure’s billing system (when publishing at Azure Marketplace) and use Azure Resource Manager templates to support the lifecycle of deployed applications. All of this enables an even richer cloud ecosystem for our customers and new business opportunities for our partners.

Azure Marketplace as a Distribution Channel for Azure Managed Applications

Managed applications can now be published and made available at the Azure Marketplace on the Azure Portal. Once published by the partner, they are available for any commercial customer with an Azure subscription. This enables MSP and ISV partners to market their solutions to a broader market. Partners are responsible for maintaining, servicing and upgrading the applications, once deployed by a customer. Customers benefit as they are able to run complex solutions without deep time and resource investments.

OpsLogix as a Key Launch Partner

We are excited to share that OpsLogix is among the key partners such as Cisco and Xcalar on Managed Applications. Our OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution as a Managed Application is already live and published on the marketplace and can be consumed.


We are currently offering the “OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution” Managed Application on the Azure marketplace. It enables you to get a holistic view of your Oracle environment by inserting your Oracle monitoring and auditing data into OMS with the OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution Managed Application. Not only does the OpsLogix OMS Oracle Solution provide performance and availability metrics, it also allows you to audit your Oracle environment, enabling you to be compliant within hours.



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