BlackBerry Management Pack Custom connection string to BES database

BlackBerry Management Pack Custom connection string to BES database


In most cases the BlackBerry Management Pack is able to construct the connection string in order to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise server database. In special cases where SQL standby servers are used or other forms of SQL redundancy, the connection string might not reflect the correct configuration. An example is that the BlackBerry management pack cannot construct a connection string that reflects a standby server. In order to allow the BlackBerry Management Pack to connect to SQL back-ends with varying configurations, the option is given to create a custom connection string by overriding the default configuration. In order to override the default connection string follow the steps below.


  1. The default connection string outomatically generated by the BlackBerry Management Pack has the following form: Provider=SQLOLEDB;Database=BESMgmt;Server=olxsql01;Trusted_Connection=Yes;IntegratedSecurity=SSPI
  2. The management pack cannot automatically build connection strings for failover or standby databases, so you will need to override the default connection string to the following format (You will need to determine the exact format of the connection string for your environment):Provider=SQLOLEDB;Database=BESMgmt;Server=olxsql01;Failover Partner=olxsql02;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;Trusted_Connection=Yes;IntegratedSecurity=SSPI.
  3. Once you have determined the correct connection string, in the SCOM console browse to the authoring section and set the scope as shown in the screenshot:
  4. Then select: Authoring -> Management Pack Objects -> Object Discoveries and double click BlackBerry 5.0.x Enterprise Server Discovery
  5. Select the Overrides tab and select For all objects of class: BlackBerry 5.0.x servers.
  6. In the Overrides Properties window check the checkbox next to ConnectionString and enter the new connection string into the Override Value field. Save the override in an appropriate management pack and save the changes.

BlackBerry 5.0 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2012 – v5.0.4.609 Release

A new release v5.0.4.609 for the OpsLogix BlackBerry 5.0 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2012 is available. This version of the Management Pack is upgrade compatible with the previous release (v5.0.4.580). If you have already purchased the Management Pack and have a valid support contract, you can logon to the customer download area and download this version.

Version contains the following changes:

– Added ConfigServer Name (BES Instance) property to handheld devices class