Howto: Adding a link that opens the target Health Explorer Web Console.

Howto: Adding a link that opens the target Health Explorer Web Console.

In this HowTo I explain how we can open a SCOM Health Explorer by clicking on a ProView dashboard shape

What we need:

  1. The web console URL.
  2. The target ID that we want to show the Health Explorer on.
  3. Construct the URL.
  4. Add the URL as visio shape link.

1 The Web Console URL

Open the web console and copy the URL name, see the yellow part


2 The Target ID

To get the Target ID (1) select the correct health state shape you added already to the dashboard. Now open the Shape Data (2)

Now copy the MonitoringObjectID guide

3 Construct the URL

Now we construct the URL that we are going to call when we press on the shape.

We can open, for example, the views below. Replace the ObjectID with the MonitoringObjectID got from the step 2 above and also replace the <web console url> with the correct URL got from step 1.

StateView single object http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=StateView&PmoId=objectId

AlertView single object http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=AlertView&PmoId=objectId

HeathExplorer single object
http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/ResultViews/ViewTypeHealthExplorer.aspx?targetId=objectId

Diagram view http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=DiagramView&PmoID=PmoId

An example for a Health Explorer would be: http://scom2012r2/MonitoringView/ResultViews/ViewTypeHealthExplorer.aspx?targetId=68b6018a-ebec-d945-7f8e-7df8c08ea3fa

And for an Alert view: http://scom2012r2/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=AlertView&PmoId=68b6018a-ebec-d945-7f8e-7df8c08ea3fa

We will take the Health Explorer view.

4 Add the URL as visio shape link

Now you select (1) the shape you want to put the Health Explorer on and (2) open the hyperlink option.

Copy and paste (1) the constructed URL from part 3 and press OK (2)

To test you now press the dashboard preview and hover over the shape that you applied with the hyperlink. Click on it when the cursor changes to a hand (1).