New Releases: VMware and ProView Management Pack

New Releases: VMware and ProView Management Pack

We have released a new update of not one but TWO of our Management Packs for System Center Operations Manager.


If you’ve already purchased the VMware Management Pack or the ProView Management Pack and have a valid support contract, you can log in to the customer download area and download the latest versions.

VMware version updates

For the new VMware Management Pack update, we have added new monitors such as Virtual Machine CPU wait time and Memory Ballooning. We have also fixed an issue with the alerts in Virtual Center that were not being updated in SCOM. Furthermore, the updated version has an extra monitor that gives you a warning sign if you consume more licenses than you have available.

ProView Management Pack version

For the ProView Management Pack update, we’ve made multiple adjustments and changes. We’ve optimized the speed of saving and loading dashboards and made it possible to add PowerShell script counters to your drawings. Using graphs, the previous version of the ProView Management Pack sometimes would not show the correct configured period and time zone. This issue has been corrected in our latest update. Furthermore, we’ve adjusted the monitoring state shape as it would sometimes not provide the correct health state.

For more additions, changes, and fixes please refer to release notes.

Team OpsLogix

Video: Adding an Existing SCOM Distributed App to OpsLogix ProView Management Pack

Video: Adding an Existing SCOM Distributed App to OpsLogix ProView Management Pack


In this demonstration video, Tao Yang shows how to create an OpsLogix Proview dashboard for an existing System Center Operations Manager Distributed Application. In this particular demonstration, Tao Yang is using the Windows Azure pack.

About the OpsLogix ProView Management Pack

ProView is a flexible user-friendly visualization tool that enables the complete dynamic visualization of all of the data being monitored in System Center Operations Manager.

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” allowing us to understand complex problems in the blink of an eye. With ProView visualizing this complexity is only limited by your imagination.

Visualization is the easiest way to process large quantities of data and complicated systems. A good image or diagram can show patterns, underlying relationships, and dependencies. The ability to visualize related system components benefits ITSM monitoring immensely.

Learn more about the OpsLogix ProView Management Pack for System Center here.

If you have any additional questions or would like to get a free trial or a quote, send us an email to

OpsLogix Ping Management Pack for SCOM 10.000+ downloads

OpsLogix Ping Management Pack for SCOM 10.000+ downloads

We are extremely excited to announce that the OpsLogix Ping Management Pack has been downloaded over 10.000 times by the System Center community.

The Ping Management Pack is our free contribution to the System Center community.

With the Ping Management Pack, we wanted to give System Center administrators and architects a simple but useful tool to check connections within the infrastructure or network.  The Ping Management Pack enables quick checks and confirmations on whether a monitor or device is up or down and how fast the connection is responding.

We are thankful and happy to see that our free solution is being used on a large scale. At OpsLogix we are committed to creating useful and innovative software that enables organizations to run their operations smoothly. To celebrate this milestone we are offering all our Management Packs with a 5% discount until the end of the year.

5% off on all our Management Packs for SCOM until 31-12-2016

Besides the 5% discount, OpsLogix also offers a highly advanced VMware MP, which you can trade in for the renewal price of our competitors until 31-12-2016. Click here to learn more & request a quote.

Because we are feeling generous, we offer a 5% discount on purchases of our Oracle, BlackBerry, SWIFT, Capacity, ProView and VMware Management Packs until the end of 2016.


Contact or request a quote on our product pages. Use the promotional code OpsLogix5%Off.


OpsLogix VMware MP



Watch what’s new in SCOM 2016 & Microsoft OMS with Maarten Goet

Watch what’s new in SCOM 2016 & Microsoft OMS with Maarten Goet

Download the presentation slides here.

With the 2016 release of System Center Operations Manager new improvements have been announced, such as the Operations Management Suite (OMS) integration, new dashboards, Nano server monitoring, new management packs and more. But what about the improvements to cross platform monitoring, or the ability to forecast and trend on capacity? Maarten Goet, nine-year Microsoft MVP & RD, will shows you what’s new in SCOM 2016 as well as Operations Management Suite in this demo-packed session. Learn everything about service-oriented monitoring in a Cloud-world. A must-attend for every System Center administrator.



OpsLogix and the Inside System Center Podcast

Within the System Center Community, almost everybody knows the Inside System Center Podcast. These podcasts are generally done by Pete Zerger together with MVP’s and experts within the community. The idea behind these podcast is to give more insights into new products, but also to enable open discussions about (new) products. They strive to add new videos on a regularly basis and if you’re part of the community, it’s always nice to keep an eye open for new videos.

During System Center Universe Europe last August in Basel (Switzerland), our developer Michel Kamp had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pete Zerger. In this episode Pete and Michel talk about the OpsLogix dashboard solution, ProView. In addition to OpsLogix ProView, they also discuss how OpsLogix is working with OMS and making our Management Packs compatible for this new platform.

For more information on either OpsLogix ProView and/or the Oracle Management Pack, always feel free to contact


Video: Adding an Existing SCOM Distributed App to OpsLogix ProView Management Pack

Howto: Adding a link that opens the target Health Explorer Web Console.

In this HowTo I explain how we can open a SCOM Health Explorer by clicking on a ProView dashboard shape

What we need:

  1. The web console URL.
  2. The target ID that we want to show the Health Explorer on.
  3. Construct the URL.
  4. Add the URL as visio shape link.

1 The Web Console URL

Open the web console and copy the URL name, see the yellow part


2 The Target ID

To get the Target ID (1) select the correct health state shape you added already to the dashboard. Now open the Shape Data (2)

Now copy the MonitoringObjectID guide

3 Construct the URL

Now we construct the URL that we are going to call when we press on the shape.

We can open, for example, the views below. Replace the ObjectID with the MonitoringObjectID got from the step 2 above and also replace the <web console url> with the correct URL got from step 1.

StateView single object http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=StateView&PmoId=objectId

AlertView single object http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=AlertView&PmoId=objectId

HeathExplorer single object
http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/ResultViews/ViewTypeHealthExplorer.aspx?targetId=objectId

Diagram view http://<web console url>/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=DiagramView&PmoID=PmoId

An example for a Health Explorer would be: http://scom2012r2/MonitoringView/ResultViews/ViewTypeHealthExplorer.aspx?targetId=68b6018a-ebec-d945-7f8e-7df8c08ea3fa

And for an Alert view: http://scom2012r2/MonitoringView/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&ViewType=AlertView&PmoId=68b6018a-ebec-d945-7f8e-7df8c08ea3fa

We will take the Health Explorer view.

4 Add the URL as visio shape link

Now you select (1) the shape you want to put the Health Explorer on and (2) open the hyperlink option.

Copy and paste (1) the constructed URL from part 3 and press OK (2)

To test you now press the dashboard preview and hover over the shape that you applied with the hyperlink. Click on it when the cursor changes to a hand (1).