OpsLogix + Coretech 

Join forces to offer more SCOM service

Price range € 3.800  –  € 8.500

Full implementation and fine tuning

Top notch on-site engineers at your service

Base package per 4 days starting from €3.800

SCOM Health Check

SCOM installation optimization & best practice

Base package per 5 days starting from €4.750

SCOM onsite 

Top notch on-site consultants at your service

Base package per 10 days starting from €8.500

Benefits of OpsLogix + Coretech SCOM Service Packages

Top notch on-site engineers and consultants at your service.

Complete Health Check of SCOM environment.

On-call dispatch & troubleshooting.

Full implementation support and fine tuning

OpsLogix MPs are designed to be a one-touch deployment within SCOM. If needed, the OpsLogix support team will do whatever it can to help a SCOM administrator to get the software configured and functioning correctly.

However, in cases where an enterprise or company does not have in-house OpsMgr expertise or simply prefers to have the MP installed, tuned and ready-to-go in their SCOM environment, OpsLogix now offers an outstanding Coretech engineer with years of practical SCOM experience.

The 4 day full implementation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Explanation of the different architectural components of SCOM
  • A summary of the SCOM environment and how it fits within your environment
  • Visio drawing showing how the different components are related to each other
  • Minimum requirements for each component
  • Possible extensions to the futur

SCOM Health Check

OpsLogix is committed to help companies maximize their System Center investment by unleashing SCOM’s full monitoring potential. However, reliable monitoring is inherently linked to the quality of the underlying SCOM installation.

In order to insure that a SCOM installation is optimized, we can now supply a first-rate Coretech consultant to do a full SCOM Health Check. The Health Check includes best-practice advice and a document that details methods of potential enhancements both in terms of design and functionality.

The 5 day SCOM Health Check services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of the infrastructure
  • Versioning of the different components of SCOM
  • Implementation check of the SCOM environment
  • Quality check of day to day management
  • Minimal skills level assessment of the SCOM engineers
  • Check of the processes surrounding and supporting the SCOM environment.

SCOM onsite troubleshooting and consultancy

OpsLogix, in combination with Coretech, is able to provide onsite SCOM consultancy expertise including the on-call dispatch of a troubleshooting engineer. This consultancy can be used to support your onsite staff in solving the most complex issues in their environment and provides peace of mind by knowing that you always have the right people by your side to solve any of your SCOM related issues.

The 10 day SCOM Onsite services include, but are not limited to:

  • Performance issues during installation
  • Disaster recovery of the environment after a crash
  • Solving alert storms in the environment
  • Re-installing different components of the environment
  • Troubleshooting agent issues.


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