What does the "Datastore Overall Status" monitor?

This article describes how the "Datastore Overall Status" monitor works.

The VMware Management Pack has many "Overall Status" monitors, these monitors retrieve the overall status of a VMware object and replicate this status in SCOM. For example, the overall status of a Datastore can be found in the Health Explorer under the Availability section.

If you are interested in finding the corresponding status of a datastore in vCenter and have the Managed Object Browser (MOB) enabled, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find the object ID of the datastore of interest (in the example the vsanDatastore) in the Detail View of the SCOM console:
  2. Open a web browser and go to the address: https://<vcenter fqdn>/mob. Replace <vcenter fqdn> with the fully qualified domain name or IP address of your vCenter server.

  3. Once you access the Managed Object Browser (MOB) interface, you will be able to explore the various managed objects and their properties within the vCenter environment.

  4. Look for the datastore object you are interested in (in the example datastore-32):

  5. Within the properties of the datastore object, you will find a status indicator that reflects the current state. The possible statuses are:

    • Green: This status indicates that the datastore is operating normally, without any reported issues or errors. It signifies a healthy and functional state, with no apparent problems.

    • Yellow: The yellow status suggests a warning or attention required for the datastore. It typically implies that there might be non-critical issues or potential concerns that need to be addressed. It is advisable to investigate further to ensure optimal performance and stability.

    • Red: A red status signifies a critical condition or an error that requires immediate attention for the datastore. It suggests that the datastore is encountering significant problems or failures that need to be resolved urgently. Datastore errors could affect the availability or integrity of stored data.

    • Gray: When the status appears as gray, it usually indicates an unknown or indeterminate state for the datastore. This could happen if there are connectivity issues or if vCenter is unable to determine the datastore's status accurately. Further investigation or troubleshooting may be necessary to determine the actual condition.