Install a Windows Agent

This article covers the required steps for installing a new Windows agent using the push installation method.

Note: The firewalls between the Management Server and the Windows server must allow traffic on TCP port 135, 139, 445 and UDP port 137, 138 from the Management Server to the Windows server, and on TCP port 5723 from the Windows server to the Management Server.

  • In the Operations Manager Console go to Administration. At the bottom of the Navigation pane click Discovery Wizard…
  • On the Discovery Type page select Windows computers and then click Next.
  • On the Auto or Advanced page select Advanced discovery and under Management Server select a Management Server that is part of the Agent Resource Pool:
  • Click Next and on the Discovery Method page select Browse for, or type-in computer names. Click Browse… and enter the name of the Windows server. Click Check Names and then OK to go back to the Discovery Method page:
  • Click Next and on the Administrator Account page select Use selected Management Server Action Account (provided that the Action Account has administrative privileges on the Windows server, otherwise select an appropriate Other user account and fill in the login credentials) and then click Discover.
  • On the Select Objects to Manage page put a checkmark next to the Windows server, verify that the Management Mode is Agent and then click Next.
  • On the Summary page verify the installation directory, set the Action Account to Local System and click Finish to start the agent installation:
  • In the Agent Management Task Status window check that the task has started…

    … and after a minute or two the installation will be finished:
  • Finally, go to Administration -> Device Management -> Agent Managed and verify that the new Windows server is monitored and healthy.