Remove a UNIX/Linux agent

This article covers the required steps to stop monitoring a UNIX/Linux agent.

  • In the Operations Manager Console go to Administration -> Device Management ­‑> UNIX/Linux Computers.
  • Select the UNIX/Linux server and in the Tasks pane click Delete.
  • Click Yes in the Confirm Delete Monitoring Agent window…

… and in a couple of minutes the server should disappear from the UNIX/Linux Computers list.

  • If applicable, log on to the UNIX/Linux server and uninstall the monitoring agent:
    -> For Red Hat and SUSE Linux, run the command rpm –e scx
       -> For Debian and Ubuntu Linux, run the command dpkg –P scx
       -> For Solaris, run the command pkgrm MSFTscx
       -> For HP-UX, run the command swremove scx