Upgrade a UNIX/Linux agent

This section covers the required steps for upgrading an UNIX/Linux agent to the latest available version.

Prerequisites: Logon credentials for installing/upgrading UNIX/Linux servers.

  • In the Operations Manager Console go to Administration -> Device Management ­‑> UNIX/Linux Computers.
  • Select the UNIX/Linux server and in the Tasks pane click Upgrade Agent…
  • On the Select Upgrade Targets page verify the computer name and agent versions and then click Next:
  • On the Credentials page select the Provide upgrade credentials option and then click Set credentials…

  • In the Credential Settings window select the User name and password credential type. Fill in the user name and password and select the This account does not have privileged access option:
  • Click OK and back on the Credentials page click Upgrade
    … and the upgrade will start:

Wait for the upgrade to finish, review the result, and then click Done: