KB: Import the OpsLogix VMware MP license key

Whether you are trialing or have purchased a license key from OpsLogix for the VMware Management Pack, you will need to download the license key from the OpsLogix customer area, and import it into the licensing console.


Once you have imported the license key, the Management pack will be fully functional.

When you received an email that at trial license or a purchased license is available, you can open a browser and browse to the Opslogix website. Once on the Opslogix website, click the link to the Customer Area in the top right hand to corner and login with the credentials that were mailed to you previously.

Once logged in, navigate to the license keys folder and expand it. here you will find all the license keys that are available to you. In this case there is a trial key and a time limited key available.

Let’s start with the trial key. First we click the trial key file so that the key is displayed Copy the license key to the clipboard and open your SCOM console.

Once in the SCOM console navigate to the Administration section and in the tree view click the MP License Configuration. Click the Add Key button, and the Add License dialog will appear. In this dialog paste the key from your clipboard and before you click Import License, please make sure that there are no preceding spaces, trailing spaces or carriage returns surrounding the license key. Now you will be able to see that the license has been added to the list.

After the license has been imported, navigate to the OpsLogix VMware Configuration Dashboard, which is also in the administration pane. When the Configuration Dashboard opens, by default you will see the Add/Remove Connection tab. If you haven’t done so yet, add the vCenter server from the VMware environment that you wish to monitor. In our case we have already added two vCenter servers to the VMware Configuration Dashboard. Now we need to choose the ESX hosts which we would like to monitor. We can do this by assigning licenses to the host we would like to monitor through the Assign tab.

If nothing is displayed in the Assign tab, click refresh, and all the available ESX host associated with your vCenter server should become visible. Check or uncheck the checkbox in front of the ESX host to add or remove it from being monitored. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the update button to apply the selection.