KB: How do I enable Debug Logging for the SCOM Oracle Monitoring

In some cases it is needed to get more internal logging on what the SCOM Oracle Monitor processes are executing. Using a special registry key you can accomplish this.

Activate debug logging

To activate the debug logging. Please execute the steps below on every MS server that is responsible for the Oracle monitoring.

  1. Run the this command as administrator on the SCOM servers where the Oracle Collector is running:
    reg add "HKLM\Software\OpsLogix\Oracle\client modules" /v "DebugLevel" /t REG_DWORD /d 5 /f
  2. Stop the SCOM agent
  3. Clear the operationsmanager eventlog
  4. Increase the retention size of the operationsmanager eventlog
  5. Start the SCOM agent

After this all debug messages will be logged in the OperationsManager NT eventlog starting with event sources "Opslogix Oracle ...."

Deactivate debug logging

To disable the debug logging remove the created key in step 1 or change the value of DebugLevel to 0. Possible values are : 

DebugLevel Logging Mode
-1 SilentMode
0 ExceptionMode
1 VerboseMode
3 DebugMode
5 TraceMode