KB: How long does it take to discover all to be monitored VMware components

The VMware component discovery is run on an interval, you can speed up the discovery by manual intervention

The VMware discovery is run on an interval and has a number of stages. The first time the VMware MP is imported,the first stage of the discovery is triggered. Since there are multiple stages to the discovery, only the datacenters will be discovered in the first stage. After the datacenters, each stage will discover the host clusters, hosts and VMs. The interval between the stages are 7 hours. In theory it will take a minimum of 21 hours to complete all the discovery stages.

How do we speed up the discovery?

We can speed up the discovery by manually trigger the discovery interval. To manually trigger the next discovery stage you can restart the SCOM agent (Microsoft Monitoring Agent). You should do this on all management server members of the "OpsLogix Resource Pool for VMware Management Pack" resource pool, or if you have configured a different pool for the VMware monitoring you you should do this on all members servers of that resource pool. After restarting the SCOM Agent, wait until the current stage has been discovered and then restart the SCOM agent again to discover the next stage (for example) Hosts and VMs are discovered, then restart the SCOM agents again to discover the VM snapshots and host hardware. If everything goes well, it takes 3 to 4 agent restarts (about 30 minutes) depending on your VMware\SCOM environment to complete the discoveries.