Release Notes

Oracle Management Pack Release Notes

Release V21.9.2657.0

- [Fixed] Alert log monitoring was broken with a 403 message

Release V21.9.2568.0

- [Added] Discovery of extra tablespace properties: BLOCK SIZE,MAX EXTENTS,MAXSIZE
- [Added] Discovery of extra datafile properties: Auto Extend, Increment
- [Added] DevOps PowerShell module for managing the Oracle instance connections in SCOM
- [Added] When using the configuration dashboard and deleting a Oracle connection will now ask for a confirmation
- [Fixed] Undiscovery doesn't work when a instance license is unassigned
- [Fixed] In some scenarios the tablespace free monitoring was incorrect
- [Fixed] Optimized the DB size calculation query
- [Fixed] Starting the OpsLogix configuration dashboard failed due to a missing SDK connection.
- [Fixed] When the listener service was stopped no error was generated.
- [Fixed] Tablespace temp properties allocated ,max size when more than 1 datafile attached
- [Fixed] When the license is expired you cannot remove the instance connection
- [Fixed] Other small issues
- [Change] Updated the Client ODAC package to 19.11.0.
- [Change] NOTICE !!! >>> We have changed the tablespace free monitoring. If you have set auto extend on tablespaces/datafiles we will apply them into the calculation
- [Change] NOTICE !!! >>> We changed the version numbering to [Year].[Month].[BuildNr].[PatchNr] to get better release insights
- [Change] NOTICE !!! >>> The license will now be attached to a version number. Please download and import a new license from the customer portal before importing this version !!

Release V1.3.2184.0
- [Fixed] Container discovery PDB was broken.
- [Fixed] Container discovery CDB name change
- [Fixed] Instance session and process utilization
- [Fixed] Unloading performance collection rules due to missing data
- [Change] Added new licensing console managementpack.
- [Change] NOTICE ->>>Please remove managementpack "OpsLogix IMP - Licensing UI for OpsMgr 2012" before importing this release

Release V1.3.1702.0
- [Change] Rewritten the complete backend to make usage of a collector service. This way we detach the SCOM modules from the Oracle client resulting in a way less footprint and more performance.
- [Change] Rewritten the Oracle configuration dashboard. Please read documentation how to use.
- [Change] Added Opslogix General Reports MP to the install package.
- [Change] The container DB discovery is now by default disabled.
- [Fixed] The connection monitor now only reports an error when it is x times (2 default) in unhealthy state.
- [Fixed] When creating a connection alert a parameter could not be resolved for the alert description.
- [Fixed] During getting sysstats information with containing very big numbers the converting to SCOM data could be broken
- [Change] NOTICE ->>> Moved the Oracle configuration dashboard from monitoring pane to Administration pane.
- [Info] NOTICE ->>> Please follow the included Upgrade manual

Release V1.3.18.0
- [Change] [07-11-18] Due to several issues using the managed ODAC we had to revert back to the unmanaged ODAC
- [Fixed] [07-11-18] Fixed not working retry count override on the connection check monitor
- [Added] [07-11-18] Added a process count utilization monitor and performance collection rule
- [Added] [07-11-18] Added a session count utilization monitor and performance collection rule
- [Fixed] [07-11-18] Oracle Container discovery discovers sometimes non-container databases
- [Added] [07-11-18] On the configuration dashboard you can now export the current configured connections
- [Added] [07-11-18] Added a table space used based on MB monitor
- [Change] [07-11-18] Removed dynamic alert parameters
- [Fixed] [07-11-18] When a tablespace is offline some performance collection will stop working
- [Change] [07-11-18] Several documentation changes/updates
- [Fixed] [07-11-18] Thresholds on the authoring templates have a limit of 100

Release V1.3.17.1
- [Change] [04-11-17] The connection monitor will retry 1 time before alert a failed connection.
- [Fixed] [04-11-17] In some cases the 'FRA percent used' monitor reports a null value , causing the workflow to unload.
- [Fixed] [04-11-17] In some cases the 'Pct IO' collection reports a divide by zero, causing the workflow to unload.

Release V1.3.17.0
- [added] [18-10-17] Added DataGuard configuration steps to the manual.
- [added] [18-10-17] Updated the lockdown permissions table in the manual.
- [added] [18-10-17] Added Bulk import Oracle Instances feature to the Configuration Dashboard.
- [Change] [18-10-17] We are using now the latest Managed ODAC instead of the unmanaged version.
- [Fixed] [18-10-17] Windows 2016 support.
- [Change] [18-10-17] We cooked down the monitoring even more. So we have less footprint on SCOM and Oracle.
- [Change] [18-10-17] Oracle Connection pooling is now enabled by default.
- [Fixed] [18-10-17] Oracle backup alerts now provide the number of last backup hours in the alert title.
- [Change] [18-10-17] Fixed the datafile monitoring for system files.
- [Fixed] [18-10-17] The invalid indexes monitor task now reflexes the invalid indexes monitor.
- [Fixed] [18-10-17] The incremental backup monitor was broken in some Oracle versions.
- [Fixed] [18-10-17] You can now override the threshold of the invalid objects and invalid indexes monitors.
- [Fixed] [18-10-17] Tablespace monitoring sometimes stopped for full tablespaces.

Release V1.3.16.69
- [added] [17-11-16] Added Oracle 12c cointaner & pluggable database discovery

Release V1.3.16.11
- [Fixed] [02-11-16] Changed all backup monitors to now take the oracle server time instead of scom agent time so timezone issues can occur.

Release V1.3.16.0
- [Added] [07-19-16] Backlog 549. Table Space Used space Monitor based on MBs
- [Added] [07-19-16] Backlog 473. Table Space Free space Monitor based on MBs
- [Added] [07-19-16] optimized sysstat querys
- [Added] [07-19-16] Backlog 857. Added to all the Templates a selection where the template should rollup to (availability,performance,configuration,security)
- [Added] [07-19-16] Backlog 857. Added 3 state Template Monitor.
- [Fixed] [07-19-16] Changed Table usage queries for a better cookdown.
- [Change] [07-19-16] Refresh of the configuration dashboard layout.
- [Fixed] [07-19-16] Bug 759. Password could be shown in some exceptions in the debug log records. Is corrected now.
- [Added] [07-19-16] More Microsoft OMS monitoring perf / audit / log collection rules.

Release V1.3.15.310
- [Fixed] [03-29-16] Bug 513. Fixed unload error for custom templates due to missing DBmode.
- [Change] [07-02-16] Added DB role to the configuration dashboard
- [Added] [07-02-16] Backlog 258 . Added Oracle DataGuard MP

Release V1.3.15.271
- [Fixed] [11-21-15] Bug 414. Oracle monitoring templates gives error during loading.
- [Fixed] [11-20-15] Bug 345. Fix temp table and tablespace calculation . Now the autoextend will be included in the calculation. This will result in less false positives alerts.

Release V1.3.14.147
- [Changed] [10-10-15] When you add a new connection pooling will be disabled by default.
- [Fixed] [10-10-15] Task InvalidObjects changed.
- [Fixed] [10-10-15] Updates documentation typos.
- [Added] [10-10-15] Alert log reader now has a debug override.

Release V1.3.14.128
- [Added] [07-01-15] Template added a Enabled by default option
- [Fixed] [07-22-15] Bug 267 Oracle Alert log reader , detecting ora event ids ending with :
- [Fixed] [07-15-15] Backlog 269 . Change the way the FRA is calculated
- [Added] [28-03-15] Backlog 218 . Added monitoring for the flash recovery area.
- [Fixed] [10-24-14] Bug 137 . The Max Data Files From Control File monitor has been fixed to report on the correct value.

Release V1.3.14.38
- [Added] [10-24-14] Backlog 124 . Added Physical and Logical DB size on the Instance targets as property's.
- [Fixed] [10-24-14] Backlog 123 . For all the 3 state monitors now also an alert is generated on Warning State.
- [Fixed] [11-05-14] Bug 128 . Updated the SDK assembly reference. Fixes the object reference not found in the config dashboard.
- [Added] [10-24-14] Backlog 129 . A new MP with 10 extra oracle tasks that can be used for analyzing problems.
- [Added] [11-1914] Backlog 130 . Backup State rollup monitor to instance state. This monitor is disabled by default.
- [Fixed] [11-27-14] Bug 136 . Oracle Alert log messages with a ORA number > 32k will now be detected.

Release V1.3.14.23
- [Fixed] [9-25-14] Bug 117 . Oracle Alert number is now also showed in the alert header if it contains a number < 1000.
- [Fixed] [9-25-14] Bug 116/118 . Oracle Monitoring Templates now making changes in correct region.
- [Change] [9-25-14] Bug 119 . Oracle v10.x temp db space usage monitoring disabled. Will be corrected in later version.

Release V1.3.14.2
- [Fixed] [9-20-14] Resolved the 5500 error by correcting the time zone of the collected property bags.
- [Fixed] [9-20-14] Customer request (Backlog 115) Task query InvalidObjects now contains column object_type.
- [Added] [9-20-14] Added more debug details.
- [Changed] [9-20-14] Only copy and restart the scom healthservice if the ODAC file version is not

Release V1.3.14.0
- [Changed] [9-11-14] Removed in the configuration dashboard the Max pools size value
- [Changed] [9-11-14] Redesigned the way the oracle querys are executed to avoid possible oracle connection pooling bug. Connection pooling will now be disabled.
- [Changed] [9-11-14] Microsoft DOT NET platform must be 4.0 or later.

Release V1.3.12.213
- [Fixed] Connection monitoring Alert Message Parameter replacement
- [Changed] [7-17-14] Removed connection event handlers
- [Changed] [7-17-14] Moved connection close to finally block
- [Fixed] [7-17-14] If the module return 0 rows the message "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values" occurs
- [Fixed] [7-29-14] If 2 or more oracle monitoring hosts are used the 'Test Connection' will test using each monitoring host as target. Now only the selected Monitoring Node target is used.

Release V1.3.12.142
- [Fixed] Using the Oracle tasks resulted in some cases in an error due to password handeling.
- [Fixed] Report deployment

Release V1.3.12.142
- [Fixed] region setting for converting double numbers caused incorrect decimal values for some region settings.
- [Added] pressing the left CTRL key and the Test button will result in always passing the connection test.

Release V1.3.12.130
- [Added] Added more debug information.
- [Fixed] The p/min performance counters collection. < 0 values could occur.
- [Fixed] When the oracle instance was down a healthservice crash could occur after a period.
- [Changed] Connection time out from 100 to 30 and pool decrement value from max pool value to 1.

Release V1.3.12.4
- [Added] Connection Test in the Configuration Dashboard.
- [Added] extra Dashboards for Instance , Storage and Memory Overview.
- [Changed] TableSpace Usage monitoring. (impact: already defined overrides could not be valid anymore )
- [Added] Temp Tablespace monitoring.
- [Added] Temp Data file monitoring.
- [Changed] performance counter categories. (impact: Custom made reports must be changed reflecting the correct categories)
- [Added] icons for Backup and TempTableSpace
- [Changed] Connection timeout monitor now try’s 2 times before reporting a unhealthy state. You can override this setting.
- [Changed] The connection time out from 5 to 100. (impact: only changed for new added instances)
- [Changed] The Oracle Alert log monitoring will reflect the correct time zone.
- [Changed] The Oracle Alert log monitoring will display in the SCOM alert header the detected ORA number.
- [Changed] The Oracle Alert log monitoring must be manualy enabled. See release documentation.
- [Fixed] Using the oracle templates the query will now accept < > and ; chars.

Release V1.3.12.1
- [Changed] Huge Oracle Session usage performance optimizations.
- [Changed] enhanced debug logging module.
- [Changed] TableSpace discovery bug fixed.
- [Changed] Session usage collection now doesn't count the background processes.