Random VMware MP Collector service crash with undiscovered objects

This article discusses possible causes and actions to take when you experience random VMware Collector service crashes with the VMware objects being undiscovered in SCOM

In some cases you might find that the VMware MP Collector service crashes (stops running) and then restarts. The VMware MP monitors its own health by checking its components like the VMware MP Collector service. When the VMware MP Collector service crashes you will be alerted and see a state change for the Service Running monitor under the State VMware Collector Service state view.


When the intermittent crashing of the VMware MP Collector service is accompanied by warnings from the Opslogix VMware check if the license is still valid monitor, this usually indicates that the SCOM Management Server running the workload does not have sufficient resource allocated. To troubleshoot the issue, check if the average CPU queue wait time does not exceed 2 and that you have sufficient RAM and CPU cores allocated to the server. Other resource related issues might also cause this behavior from the VMware MP.