We have released a new update of the VMware Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager.

If you’ve already purchased the VMware Management Pack and have a valid support contract, you can log in to the customer download area and download this version.

VMware version updates

For the new VMware management pack update, we’ve added discovery and monitoring snapshots of the VirtualMachine. For example, we’ve added a monitor to generate alerts when a VirtualMachine snapshot age has hit a threshold. From now on it’s also possible to collect and monitor extra metrics on the data stores, networks, disks and VirtualMachines.

Furthermore, the VMware  v1.3.5.0 update has the following key additions:

•    Extra datastore and VirtualMachine dashboards
•    It only generates alerts when the monitor consecutive samples are over the threshold.

For more additions, changes and fixes please refer to release notes.

Team OpsLogix

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