Within the System Center Community, almost everybody knows the Inside System Center Podcast. These podcasts are generally done by Pete Zerger together with MVP’s and experts within the community. The idea behind these podcast is to give more insights into new products, but also to enable open discussions about (new) products. They strive to add new videos on a regularly basis and if you’re part of the community, it’s always nice to keep an eye open for new videos.

During System Center Universe Europe last August in Basel (Switzerland), our developer Michel Kamp had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pete Zerger. In this episode Pete and Michel talk about the OpsLogix dashboard solution, ProView. In addition to OpsLogix ProView, they also discuss how OpsLogix is working with OMS and making our Management Packs compatible for this new platform.

For more information on either OpsLogix ProView and/or the Oracle Management Pack, always feel free to contact sales@opslogix.com