In the past I have gotten a lot of questions on the overridable parameters for the “Target Host Ping Check” Monitor in the Ping Management Pack, this is reason for the blog entry “Understanding the Ping MP’s “Target Host Ping Check” Monitor parameters”.

By default the monitor pings a target once a minute and turns to critical if it doesn’t get a reply if the target doesn’t reply to the second ping. For various reasons some organizations don’t always want the monitor to turn to critical right after only one ping response was missed.

To influence this behavior there are a couple of parameters you can override:

  • Interval
  • NumberOfNoRepliesAllowed



For example let’s say that we want to ping a target, but only want the monitor to turn critical after three responses have been missed. In this case we set the NumberOfNoRepliesAllowed
to 3. This setting will result in the monitor only turning to critical after four minutes if three consecutive pings are missed.

Now if four minutes is too long for the monitor to turn critical, you can adjust the Interval
parameter. The Interval parameter controls the amount of time between the pings. If in the same example you would like the monitor to turn to critical after two minutes, you should adjust the Interval parameter to 30. This would mean the following for this example:

  • The monitor pings every 30 seconds
  • The monitor is allowed to miss three consecutive pings and if the fourth ping is missed to it turns to a critical state
  • 30 seconds * 4 = 2 minutes