The BlackBerry Management Pack for BES 5.0.x contains a number of rules that check the log files for particular events which could have an impact on your BlackBerry environment. The standard rules in the BlackBerry management pack should be sufficient to monitor your BlackBerry logs, but in certain cases you might want to monitor additional entries. To accommodate for this, the BlackBerry Management Pack contains templates for creating custom rules in the Authoring section of the Operations Manager Console.

The following example will show you how to create a custom Log File Alert Rule for checking the state of a ‘BlackBerry Messaging Agent’ by using the available template in the BlackBerry Management Pack.

In the Operations Manager Console navigate to the Authoring section of the Operations Manager Console and select the BlackBerry Log File Alert Template.


Right click the BlackBerry Log File Alert Template and select Add Monitoring Wizard


Select the BlackBerry Log File Alert Template in the Select Monitoring Type wizard page and click Next.


On the Name and Description page enter a logical name (Messaging Agent Not Started in this example) and description and select a management pack in which you would like to store the custom rule. Click Next.


In this example we are looking for the phrase “not started in the MAGT logs.


On the Alert Configuration page select the BlackBerry Mailbox/Messaging Agent (MAGT) from the Log File dropdown box. In the Query pattern box enter the string to search for in the log file. You can use either Simple Expressions or Regular Expressions. In this example we look for the Simple Expression not started. We can set the Severity of the alert to Critical or Warning in the Severity dropdown box, in this example we set the severity to Warning.


Click Create to finish creating the custom rule. The custom rule is now visible in the BlackBerry Log File Alert Template view.