I had been eyeing the Microsoft Band 2 for a while, but decided that there were more pressing gadgets to be bought. Then for Valentine’s Day my wife gave me a Microsoft Band 2, she really knows how to get to a geeks heart!

First of all, I think Microsoft really stepped up its products, and I’m impressed with the quality look and feel of its products, and this holds true when it comes to the Microsoft Band 2. After playing around with its health features and exploring the various apps, like the Starbucks app, as a developer I naturally asked myself how I program something cool for this thing.
After spending some time on google, I found that there is a great SDK for building Windows Phone, iPhone and Android apps. At this point writing a “Hello Word” app seemed a bit of an effort because even a minor app like that would require quite some time to build. I think the Microsoft Band team realized this too and created Web Tiles. Web Tiles basically link a tile on your Microsoft Band to an URL which returns data on the web.

In this blog I am going to show you how easy it is to create a Web Tile for your Microsoft band by using the online Web Tile wizard. In this blog I’m going to create a Web Tile which display’s an alert on my band when there is a new update or release of an OpsLogix product.

1. Hit the “Get Started” button


2. We want to create a Tile that alerts us when a new update is released so we choose the “Feed tile” on the “Choose a layout” page.


3. On the “Submit your data” page you need to submit an URL to a RSS or Atom feed. I have taken the feed from the OpsLogix blog (http://blog.opslogix.com/feed/) as shown in the screenshot.



4. On the “assign your data” page we choose what we want our title to be, in this case I added the caption “OpsLogix update”, but we could also make it more dynamic by adding a variable from the feed. In this example to make the body of the text dynamic, I dragged the “title” field from the RSS feed onto the display field.


5. Because we only want to alert the wearer of the Microsoft Band when there is a new product update, and not when there is a new generic blog post, we set a filter on the “Set up notification” page. In order to create a new notification filter we click the + sign on the corner of the tile.


6. Next we set up the filter by setting the “Notification Title” to the text “OpsLogix update”. Then we drag the “title” from the RSS feed to the “Notification Body”. In order to set a filter, drag the “category” field from the RSS feed to the first filter field. We set the filter to “equal to” in order to only match the value “Update”


7. One of the final steps is the “Give your tile an identity” These fields are pretty self-explanatory and I have filled in the fields as shown in the screenshot.


8. Now all we need to do is download the tile in order to install it on our Band.


9. After saving my Web Tile to my OneDrive, I can open it on my mobile device if you have the “Microsoft Health” app installed on your mobile device. As an iPhone user I open the OpsLogixUpdate.webtile file in OneDrive.


10. Now open the Web template by tapping “Copy to Microsoft Health”.


11. Tap the tick mark to confirm the installation of the app.


12. If all went well you will receive a “success” pop-up.


13. Now you can see the “OpsLogix update” Web Tile in the Microsoft Health App.


14. For the first time the “OpsLogix update” Tile will show all the updates on the blog.


15. When you tap the “OpsLogix update” Tile you will be shown the latest update.


16. After you have scrolled through all the updates, the time no longer displays the number of unread updates.


In all, in my opinion, Microsoft had done an excellent job with the “Microsoft Band 2”!