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VMware Management Pack 


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World leader in business-critical Native Management Packs

All OpsLogix SCOM Management Packs integrate fully into System Center Operations Manager 2012, 2016, 180x, 1901 & 2019, as they are native to Operations Manager and require no independent additional plug-ins or connectors.


VMware Management Pack

The VMware Management Pack enables the monitoring of the VMware ESXi environment through vCenter™ within Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager.


Oracle Management Pack

Proactive monitoring of your Oracle® environment. Monitor all Oracle components (including RAC, ASM, Data Guard and FRA) and tablespace availability.



Optimize your IT Operations using a virtual operator that automatically filters out alert noise and removes manual dispatching routines inside Operations Manager.


Capacity Reports

Generate forecasting reports for all objects within Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager data warehouse.


Oracle Log Analytics

Use the OpsLogix Microsoft OMS Log Analytics Solution to monitor your Oracle Environment. 


Swift Management Pack

Unify the monitoring of your SWIFT Gateway™ and SWIFT Alliance Access™ servers. 

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Decrease reoccurring expenses for IT-monitoring. Retain business-critical data collection such as alerts, events and performance data in SCOM. OpsLogix VMware Management delivers business-critical monitoring of VMware components to 1/5th of competitors price.


Over ten years in software development, creating addons for SCOM. OpsLogix is a recognized leader and trusted partner for organizations working with the System Center Suite.  A strong combination of both software and professional services, ensures  a more efficient IT delivery.


OpsLogix VMware Management Pack centralizes and streamlines monitoring for IT-operations without replacing the native functionality within VMware products. Amplify your IT-operations center with a 360 perspective of the complete IT-delivery.

VMware Management Pack

  • Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer
  • Consolidate hardware to get higher productivity from fewer servers
  • Save 50 percent or more on overall IT costs
  • Speed up and simplify IT management, maintenance, and the deployment of new applications

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Oracle Management Pack

  • Designed with the assistance of Oracle consultants who placed operational emphasis on the perspective of the Oracle administrator
  • Agentless and makes use of the Oracle ODAC to connect the Oracle instances to OpsMgr
  • Contains authoring templates enabling companies to customize what they wish to have monitored in OpsMgr

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Oracle Log Analytics

  • Contains overviews of the most important Oracle metrics
  • Contains smart OMS queries and automatic data refreshment
  • Have all the important Oracle security auditing data at your fingertips
  • Send alert emails with the OMS Alert feature or run Azure automation tasks

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  • Use pre-actions to classify and enrich your alert data
  • Accurately predict the resolution state of incoming alerts
  • Department-relevant alerts can be configured to be forwarded to their corresponding departments and PowerShell scripts can be used to trigger actions such as an agent or application service restart


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The Management Pack is very good. It was easy to install and it worked right away.


The IT department has insights into the business services and its relation to IT components, and uses big screens to stay on top of things. All at a great price point compared to other solutions we've tried!


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