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Kubernetes Management Pack 

Kubernetes Management Pack monitors the health and performance of your containerized Kubernetes infrastructure. With our Management Pack, you can optimize its operation more seamlessly. 

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Monitor your containerized applications with our Kubernetes Management Pack for Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). The Kubernetes MP provides comprehensive monitoring for all aspects of your Kubernetes environment while ensuring minimal impact on your Kubernetes Cluster and SCOM environment. 

As the infrastructure architecture differs between monolithic applications and containerized ones, there is a need to adjust the monitoring. Container deployment increases the complexity of monitoring as more layers are added. The OpsLogix Kubernetes MP will cover all components of the Kubernetes environment, from individual nodes and pods to entire clusters.



The OpsLogix Kubernetes Management Pack helps you monitor the Kubernetes orchestration platform in your System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). The MP for SCOM is an easy to deploy, cost-effective, and future-proof solution for your Kubernetes environment. It is a lightweight alternative with minimal impact on Kubernetes and SCOM environments.  

With an integrated collector installed in your SCOM environment, the Kubernetes cluster will be contacted using APIs to ensure no components are required in the cluster.

To achieve efficient yet low impact monitoring the Kubernetes MP uses intelligent caching, secure communications, and a plug-and-play installation. When monitoring containers, Kubernetes increases the resilience and efficiency of applications built on containers. With the Kubernetes MP, you can discover the cluster topology; nodes, deployments, services, pods, containers and monitor the golden signal metrics;

  • Latency       
  • Traffic          
  • Errors          
  • Saturation 

The MP collects and monitors the clusters and pod logs for creating alerts in SCOM when an error is detected or for log investigations. Any monitoring thresholds can be tuned by using SCOM overrides. By discovering and monitoring your Kubernetes components, you will get a 360-degree overview of your clusters and external components using Distributed Application Model (DAM) services.

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Decrease reoccurring expenses for IT-monitoring. Retain business-critical data collection such as alerts, events and performance data in SCOM. OpsLogix Kubernetes Management Pack delivers business-critical monitoring of Kubernetes components.



Over ten years in software development, creating addons for SCOM. OpsLogix is a recognized leader and trusted partner for organizations working with the System Center Suite.  A strong combination of both software and professional services, ensures  a more efficient IT delivery.

Future proof

Continuous improvement and personal support. With multiple releases every year, OpsLogix Management Packs is a future proof option for your organization. 


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