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Oracle Management Pack 

Proactive Monitoring of your Oracle Environment

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The Oracle Management Pack is a solution that enables monitoring of all Oracle components (including RAC, ASM, Data Guard and FRA) and table space availability within Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager.


Hardware and software, engineered to work together

Designed for optimum performance and efficiency, while eliminating IT complexity and cost. From the data center to the cloud, Oracle not only removes the complexity that stifles business innovation, but also engineers in speed, reliability, security, and manageability. The result is an integrated stack of best-in-class hardware and software products, with each layer designed to work together according to open industry standards.

We are OpsLogix
We are OpsLogix
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Native: Integrates fully into System Center 2012, 2016, 2019 & 2022

The Opslogix Oracle Management Pack, just like all Opslogix Management Packs contains and self-deploys the relevant components that are necessary to connect to the particular cross-platform solution. The default configuration involves read-only permissions which limit security risks to the cross-platform solution. This enforces a zero-touch monitoring policy.

Oracle Management Pack Performance and State monitoring

The Opslogix Oracle Management Pack, just like all Opslogix Management Packs displays full class Alerts and different performance metrics on the components being monitored. Opslogix MP’s contain inbuilt standard dashboards which provide an easy overview of the performance trends of the solutions-platform it is monitoring.

  • The Opslogix Oracle Management Pack was designed with the assistance of Oracle consultants who placed operational emphasis on the perspective of the Oracle administrator
  • The Opslogix Oracle Management Pack is agentless and makes use of the Oracle ODAC to connect the Oracle instances to OpsMgr
  • The Opslogix Oracle Management Pack contains authoring templates enabling companies to customize what they wish to have monitored in OpsMgr.

Root cause analysis

The Opslogix Oracle Management Pack, just like all Opslogix Management Packs contains complete drill-down diagram views of the solutions-platform components. Additionally, inbuilt best practice expertise articles offer suggestions, call-to-action advice and/or contain useful informative links related to particular alerts and warnings within OpsMgr as well as the product solution it is monitoring. Because Opslogix MP’s fully integrate within System Center, the complete Microsoft reports library found in OpsMgr can be linked to the parameters and performance metrics collected by the MP.



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