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The Capacity Planning Reports Management Pack is a solution that generates forecasting reports for all objects within Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager data warehouse.


Capacity planning is about ensuring the capacity of IT services and the IT infrastructure are able to deliver the agreed service level targets in a cost effective and timely manner. Capacity planning considers all resources required to deliver the IT service and ensures reliable business continuity.

Its primary goal is to ensure that IT capacity meets current and future business requirements in the most efficient way. The business requirements can be categorized in 3 sub-processes:

  • Business capacity management, which covers the primary needs and facilities required to maintain and uphold business processes
  • Service capacity management, which covers the primary needs and facilities required by the company’s customers
  • Component capacity management, which covers the hardware and software components, including applications, that are needed to maintain and uphold business and service requirements.

As a company grows, IT service levels will change and the functionality of the varying components within the infrastructure evolve. The amount of processing power, memory, disk space etc. previously required will change. If it’s possible to understand the current demands and forecast how they will change over time, planning for IT service growth will become easier and less reactive.

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We Are OpsLogix
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Native: Integrates fully into System Center 2012, 2016 & 2019

All Opslogix products are native to Operations Manager and fully integrate into the System Center IT infrastructure.


Capacity Planning Forecast reporting

The Opslogix Capacity Planning Reports Management Pack is not a MP that connects differing solution-platforms. It is an MP that accesses the OpsMgr data warehouse and forecasts a scenario of a set of selected objects based on usage.

  • The Opslogix Capacity Planning Reports Management Pack is lightweight tool that fully utilizes the data found in the OpsMgr data warehouse and enables the production of quick forecasting reports by using standard regression
  • The Opslogix Capacity Planning Reports Management Pack is found in the Reports section, not the Monitoring pane of OpsMgr.

You can read an overview of the Capacity Planning Reports Management Pack by Tao Yang here.


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