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Do alerts flood your active alerts view in SCOM?

Let Artificial Intelligence help you manage your alert stream with EZalert!


Classify Alerts

Use pre-actions to classify and enrich your alert data. EZalert easily presents all the alerts that are ready to be classified. This allows a fluent basis for training. 


Train Alerts 

After a sufficient training period, EZalert is able to accurately predict the resolution state of incoming alerts.


Escalate Alerts

Department-relevant alerts can be configured to be forwarded to their corresponding departments and PowerShell scripts can be used to trigger actions such as an agent or application service restart.

EZalert Benefits

Save Time For The Important Stuff

Reduce the number of false positive alerts drastically. 

Higher Succes Rate Implementing SCOM

EZalert is the answer to chatty Management Packs and alert storms. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, EZalert is able to learn and mimic the behavior of administrators for closing SCOM alerts.

Higher Uptime For Business Services

EZalert reduces the noise in your environment, allowing you to focus on the important things, resulting in lower downtime.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Due to less downtime, your applications run more efficiently resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

Higher ROI

Due to hardware & software running more efficiently, you’ll have to use fewer resources. Your business will also have optimized application baselines and overall better human resource time management.

How EZalert Works

EZalert is a smart OpsLogix solution based on machine learning, designed to make the lives of SCOM Administrators easier. Watch the demonstration video to learn how to work with EZalert.

Software Prerequisites 

The OpsLogix EZalert add-on is divided into four different components. Below the prerequisites are listed per component.

EZalert Management Pack

• Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 or higher

• Microsoft .NET framework 4.0

EZalert API Service

• Windows server 2008 R2 or higher

• Microsoft .NET framework 4.5

EZalert NT Service

• Windows server 2008 R2 or higher

• Microsoft .NET framework 4.5

EZalert Database

• SQL Server Database 2008 or higher


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