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Opslogix Consulting Services

We assist and guide organizations to obtain manageable and functional monitoring. With experience in large and global companies, we give you the right conditions to succeed with your IT-monitoring.

Opslogix Consulting Services

Opslogix delivers high quality products and professional services.

It specializes in monitoring, automation, and analysis. We are a leader in delivering solutions for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and distinguish ourselves from our competitors with our focussed approach to the customer’s holistic business benefits.

As a customer, you will have access to a wealth of monitoring experience and knowledge to optimize your organization’s IT environment. This includes specialized on-prem tooling, best-practice processes and protocol, and of course Management Pack building.

We guide and assist companies in obtaining and standardizing manageable, functional monitoring. Drawing on over a decade of experience working with large global enterprises, we ensure the correct conditions are met for consistent successful IT monitoring.

Opslogix strives for long-term relationships and delivers both, technical expertise, and experience as well as practical advice. Quality, expertise & passion are the keywords that permeate our work and our culture.

SCOM Consulting

We offer:

  • System specialists
  • Implementation Support
  • Processes and routines
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance tuning
  • Reviews

Monitoring and data collection are becoming increasingly critical to maintaining the operation of the business's IT services. 

To monitor all your IT components, we work with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager monitoring platform, which for many years, has been the obvious choice for those who have implemented a broader ecosystem of Microsoft products. In recent years, Microsoft has also expanded its support and continues to invest in mixed technologies such as Unix / Linux and JAVA to name but a few.

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SCOM Management Pack Development 

We offer:

  • Custom Development of Management Packs
  • Development of Azure Solutions

Opslogix has an experienced team of developers available to build your next Management Pack. Whether you need to manage specific devices or applications or if you want to integrate Operations Manager with another management tool or framework. With experience from developing commercial, we make sure your custom Management Packs meets the highest requirements in term of security and performance.

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Holistic monitoring of your data center in the cloud or on the ground with a market-leading monitoring platform from Microsoft. With the help of pre-developed monitoring packages from Microsoft and 3rd party products he will give you total control over your IT environment.


Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Monitoring and gathering of data is becoming increasingly critical to maintaining the operation of the business's IT services. Collection and monitoring is now taking place from more traditional monitoring of IT components to supplementing with large amounts of log data. To monitor all your IT components, we work with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager monitoring platform, which for many years has been the obvious choice for those who have implemented a larger ecosystem of Microsoft products. In recent years, Microsoft has also expanded its support and continues to invest in mixed technologies such as Unix / Linux and Java to name but a few.

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Azure Log Analytics

We offer:

  • Specialist competence
  • Training
  • Development of solutions
  • Sales of solutions
  • Introduction

Convert machine data
Gather all information in one view for useful insights. Collect, store and analyze log data from virtually all Windows Server and Linux sources.

Get instant insights
Interact with real-time data to get in-depth information collected from data centers locally and in the cloud. Map server and app dependencies to identify connections and interactions.

Addressing incidents faster
Discover problems quickly with ready-made solutions and questions. Fix incidents quickly with flexible search and customized notifications in the portal or from the mobile app.

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For increased demands on availability, efficiency & quality of tomorrow's IT.

About Us

Never down, always optimized, fully autonomous is Opslogix vision that underlies Digital Operations. The concept is all about providing an automated, self-healing monitoring and automation platform with your IT services in focus.

Digital Operations is a modern delivery designed to be able to focus together on improvement and development instead of each having to reinvent the wheels. Why spend time and resources on going over new updates, new releases of management packs, building new monitoring and automation individually when we can streamline the flow and help you minimize unnecessary waste of your important resources.

As a customer and partner, you are promised good and improved tools so that your IT environment can work optimally within your organization.

  • Specialized and niche in the area of ​​monitoring, analysis and automation.
  • We help companies throughout the process, but also the companies that are stuck and standing still.
  • We work and mediate functioning processes and routines created after long experience in collaboration with our customers.
  • We assist and guide organizations to obtain manageable and functional monitoring.
  • Opslogix strives for long-term relationships and delivers both technical expertise and experience as well as advice.

Quality, expertise & passion are the key words that permeate our work and our culture.

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Never down, always optimized, completely autonomous

Tomorrow's digital society and business places new demands on the availability of IT. IT services are expected to be available everywhere, all the time and around the clock. IT is no longer considered as a support function and cost, but is now considered to be one of the most important areas for tomorrow's organizational development.

With new opportunities comes new challenges for the internal organization. The development of new technology is taking place at a high rate and it can be difficult for the employees to have the time and skills to keep up with the development. Many organizations in Sweden today use the same technology, but development to manage and monitor this is usually done on an individual level.

Our vision is to deliver an automated, self-managed monitoring platform with your IT services in focus. Where the most critical and recurring measures are fully automated. All for an efficient and competitive IT operation for the digital business of the future.

The goal is to create with you a self-healing data center supported by data-driven decisions. We want to help you take the next step towards a modern and innovative IT operation and together meet the demands and expectations that are set on your business-critical IT with 100% availability in the most efficient way.

By bringing people, organizations and expertise together and creating tomorrow's IT operations with the vision that your IT services should never be down, always be optimized - completely autonomous.

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Road to success

Do it right from the start - save time and money
With proven experience from leading specialists in the field, you can receive support in the introduction of the IT operation of the future. Without having to reinvent the wheel, you can benefit from ready-made routines and processes as well as accumulated experiences from some of Sweden's most successful IT operations organizations.

An operating department's working methods and challenges are similar in many respects with some deviations, but many benefits are found by reusing the parts that others have implemented with great success.

In the end, it is about getting a working method, a technical platform and competence to succeed with the ever-increasing demands on the operations department in the most cost-effective way.

Clear goals and objectives for committed employees
Working with a clear vision and measurable goals helps everyone involved understand where you are going and what is expected to go in the same direction. Value creation, challenge and development create satisfaction and will in turn ensure expectations that the business has in the operations department.

Goals can usually be divided into strategic, tactical and operational goals that are followed up at different intervals. The goals are usually set higher in the organization. However, how to achieve them should be described by those who do the work. This means that the employees themselves feel involved in the whole process and contribute to your success.

Optimized operating and development costs
By working according to a common model for operation and development that is shared by several organizations, you can benefit from experiences that are captured along the way. Instead of having deep competence and understanding in each organization and with elements that can often be resource intensive, these efforts can be shared between different organizations.

Packages developed to monitor or automate specific applications or technical components can be used by several parties. Many today have multiple applications and / or technologies from the same supplier.

Focus on your business and digital services
Digitalization in Sweden is on the rise. It is high time to transform the IT department from a technology to service delivery.

Introducing a new dimension in the management of your IT where IT services or IT services are defined provides unparalleled opportunities to group, analyze and follow up what the IT department actually delivers.

Clearly understanding the purpose, defining the owner and grouping the various IT components that build a service results in being able to more easily understand the impact, where the error occurred and be able to prioritize efforts.

With your IT services as a foundation, you can also become an advisor to the business and strengthen the position within your organization.

Learn from each other with our customer network
It is not just technical skills or well-functioning routines that make you have the conditions to succeed. Many organizations today work according to some form of framework to manage their IT. Frameworks can be interpreted in many different ways. By sharing your experiences and learning from others, you can choose the right strategy influenced by what others succeed or avoid pitfalls.

In addition to shared experiences, you will have the opportunity to participate in local user graves, trainings and our annual event where users and suppliers gather to share news and other valuable information.

Follow up and improve your delivery continuously
Constantly evaluating and calling for improvement feels like a natural part for many organizations. Unfortunately, the built-in lack of technical platforms is a challenge. Using an analytical platform based on data collected from your data center in the cloud or locally, we can now offer the same conditions for planning and predicting events. The solution to this is called IT Service Analytics and is a free decision support system for your operational data. IT Service Analytics enables follow-up of delivery in combination with the ability to predict and prevent interruptions.

This gives you support to be able to make quick and correct decisions with data as a basis.

Optimize your IT operations with automated measures 24/7
Automation has been a topical topic since the 1970s. At this stage, there is no doubt about the potential of introducing it in the form of standardization, efficiency and reduced interruptions. The biggest question is - where should we start?

By focusing on monitoring and automating your most important IT services, you can more easily identify which components are critical to the delivery. In addition, you will receive a documented measure that can be performed around the clock all year round. This also minimizes the requirements for 24-hour readiness and enables access to your less critical services, at no extra cost.

The number of cases handled by first-line operations can also be minimized to free up resources for better and more satisfactory tasks.

Choose tools as needed - not the other way around
Instead of focusing on the characteristics of the technical platforms and any limitations that exist, it is better to identify what needs you have and what gaps exist so that you can easily choose the right tool that suits you best. There is currently a wealth of choices to be made, as well as several additional products that can meet your needs.

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