OpsLogix Digital Operations

Monitoring as a Service

Give your organization a competitive advantage in terms of flexible pricing, software, and support.

OpsLogix Digital Operationsis Monitoring as a Service.

It provides an automated, self-repairing monitoring and automation platform, focused on your IT environment.

Why Monitoring as a Service?

Digital Operations streamlines the flow and minimizes unnecessary waste of essential resources for our customers by:

  • Adding new resources
  • Running updates
  • Adding new releases of Management Packs
  • Building new monitoring and automations.

In order to help our customers to improve and develop their IT infrastructure and digital services, we designed Digital Operations. This service will result in reduced workload, enabling your team to focus on supporting your business.

Is Digital Operations for you?

Digital Operations is an ideal service for any company with a Microsoft-centric IT landscape, that currently owns Microsoft licenses. We’ll help you optimize your organization’s IT services by providing a one-stop-shop for monitoring, as well as tools and licenses for our VMware, Oracle and Virtual Operator products.

Optimized for

Service providers
System Integrators
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Private Organizations

OpsLogix Digital Operations will give your organisation a competitive advantage in terms of flexible pricing, software and support compared to other outsourcing services for IT monitoring.

Try our Digital Operations subscription today to experience the ease and benefits of well managed monitoring platform.

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What's included

Digital Operations is a modernized monitoring service delivery designed to collectively work on improvement and development instead of each organization having to reinvent the wheels. Why spend time and resources on going over new updates, new releases of management packs, building new monitoring and automation individually when we can streamline the flow and help you minimize unnecessary waste of your valuable resources. All of this is what we refer to as the Digital Operations Framework.

You also get additional licenses for monitoring important parts of your infrastructure such as VMware, Oracle, Capacity Planning and a Virtual Operator.

How does it work?

Digital Operations Framework is a combined toolset of people, processes, and technology. We have combined world-leading expertise and years of experience in monitoring and automation, utilizing Microsoft System Center and Azure.

  • Best-practices implementation and configuration
  • Documented and quality ensured
  • Operational processes and routines
  • Training and education
  • Managed Support Staff.
  • Ongoing upgrades and updates
  • Additional software licenses.
  • Virtual Operator for instant dispatching of alerts
  • Integration with ServiceNow Incidents, Tasks and CMDB
  • Extensive library for monitoring and automation
  • Predictive analytics and capacity planning

Why Choose OpsLogix

  • Proven and trusted software developer and Microsoft partner who’s focus is to build long term relationships with our customers
  • Over 100 years of combined experience, always strives to achieve higher software efficiency and effectiveness, meaning minimizing overall resource footprint drain, better stability and transparent consistent cost analysis
  • No nonsense approach - "We take what works at our other customers and implement it"
  • Dedicated to our customers by delivering continuous support improving systems expertise, products and services
  • Forward thinking - adopting modern technology to solve traditional problems


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