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Digital Operations Framework

Digital Operations Framework™ is the combined collection of experiences from Dev-Ops engineers, programmers, and system administrators within the industry. It’s a collated document of tried-and-tested processes that address the full technological monitoring spectrum.

We have world-leading expertise and through the years continued to collect a wealth of experience in monitoring and automation based on Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and Microsoft Azure.
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OpsLogix Digital Operations Framework includes everything from installing and configuring a successful monitoring platform to documentation, naming conventions, supportive processes, and best practices alerting thresholds of most technologies.

A ready-to-use monitoring solution built for the future.

The Digital Operations Taxonomy management pack helps organizations classify their devices by adding extended properties to the monitoring objects in the Operations database. The properties are populated by running a SCOM Task, via bulk import through PowerShell or a CMDB Sync. 

Based on the monitoring level, the objects get dynamically included in corresponding classification groups, which could be used as targets for various overrides. Other classification properties – like Business Unit, Operated By, Site, etc. – can be used for automated alert routing in enterprise ticketing systems.

Digital Operations Framework also includes:

  • Best-practices and ready-to-use Override Management Packs configured to support different levels of monitoring supported by the taxonomy extension.
  • Script library for operational activities such as creating Management Packs, Distributed Applications, and Groups.
  • Autonomous Windows Service Monitoring
  • Autonomous Maintenance Mode Management
  • Compliance & Governance Monitoring
  • Library of Custom Application Management Packs
  • Tools for documentation and change management automation
  • Process support documents and naming conventions.
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Digital Operations is a methodology and dynamic mindset to work collectively on monitoring improvements to maximize ROI.

Without having to reinvent the wheel, you benefit from ready-made routines, processes, and tools as well as accumulated experience from some of the most successful organizations in IT operations.



Personnel is always the biggest asset of any business.

A clear, trusted monitoring framework enables more effective utilization of personnel talent and skill-set and results in healthier, reliable IT systems.

Using an accurate baseline in monitoring enables staff to focus on core business-critical projects and personal development.


Digital Operations offer your organization a reliable, robust, and accurate monitoring solution that is low maintenance and future-proof.

With detailed documentation, tested processes, and accessible routines, you are well equipped to respond to today’s or future business challenges.

System Center Operations Manager is widely adopted by organizations with a Microsoft centric IT for a holistic view of the IT-landscape. System Center Operations Manager enables you to monitor services, devices, and operations in a single console. You can gain rapid insight into the state of the IT environment and the IT services running across different systems by receiving alerts and using numerous views providing insight into health, security, performance, or configuration issues affecting the health of the service.

Digital Operations Framework™ is the combined collection of experiences from Dev-Ops engineers, programmers, and system administrators within the industry. It’s a collated document of tried-and-tested processes that addresses the full technological monitoring spectrum.

Why spend time and resources on reviewing new updates, new releases of management packs, building new monitoring and automation individually when we can streamline the flow and help you minimize unnecessary waste of your valuable resources?

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Operational Confidence

DevOps and OpsLogix

OpsLogix takes an active role in improving application delivery and availability through DevOps practices. We are mainly focusing on DevOps from a monitoring perspective. Our team of skilled DevOps engineers and support staff has a robust and extensive set of solutions that will help you gain a competitive advantage and deliver exceptional monitoring results. 

The Digital Operations Framework consists of technology, processes, and routines to help you reinforce your DevOps efforts. For us, it's essential to deliver high-quality solutions that support our customers in their operations. 

Learn more about how OpsLogix works with DevOps, and how we can help you with your DevOps operations. 

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Control and Flexibility

Using our classification library, you add more flexibility and control on top of the default properties available in Operations Manager.
The extended functionality enables various out-of-the-box alerting and data collection settings, depending on the device’s classification attributes.

Improved Performance

By reducing the data collected enabled by the classification library, you can decrease data collected from low priority devices.

You are keeping your Operations Manager environment resilient without having to sacrifice any reduced data collection from business-critical devices.

Reduced alert noise and increased visibility

Fewer workflows equal fewer alerts. Depending on if the device is a test, development, or production device, you can limit the number of workflows that a device should run.

Alerts enriched with added property data provide increased visibility and correlation to business needs and/or critical business impacts.

Solutions to common challenges

Free up time with best-practice tuned and documented management packs, as well as less administrative work when implementing new monitoring.

Manage different monitoring levels ensures decreased administration, adds more flexibility while retaining full control and governance.

Reduce alert noise without manual configuration or maintenance mode scheduling.

Clean, organized, and consistent

The Digital Operations Framework™ provides documented ready-proven instructions and an up-to-date knowledge base that insures precise monitoring continuity and stability.

Secure and Trusted

Everything we deliver is tried and tested by organizations of all sizes working with the System Center Suite, and OpsLogix is a recognized leader within this area.

A strong combination of software development and experienced professional services ensures a more efficient and reliable IT delivery.

Continuous Improvements

OpsLogix continuously engages with customers in the field and our managed service program.

Methodology is constantly reviewed, with new functionality and features added to the framework.

Better together

As an Opslogix customer, you get professional support and priority feature requests within the framework. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible experience for your monitoring.

Instead of doing repetitive tasks, you can free up time and enable personal growth while getting a better peace of mind knowing you are not alone.



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