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SCOM Management Pack Development / Authoring

We've designed a 2-day training in Management Pack development, for those with basic skills in Management Pack development & SCOM administrators or IT developers who want to start building their own monitoring tools.

This 2-day training in Management Pack development is designed for participants who already have basic skills in Management Pack development and for those who already work as a SCOM administrator or IT developers who want to start building their own monitoring tools for their organization(s).

The training will not only show you how to create a Management Pack from scratch in Visual Studio, but also how to create the Class model, Discoveries, Monitors, Rules and more advanced components like Data Sources.

The participants will have the opportunity to get tips and tricks from real-world scenarios and learn how SCOM works behind the scenes. When you have a deeper understanding of how Management Packs work, you’ll be better equipped to trim it in the best possible way.

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SCOM Operator

Are you an operator or analyst working with daily alarm management as well as actions from the System Center Operations Manager? Surely it is difficult to understand all the functions and how to work with the tool in the best way ?!

The training is designed for those who want to learn how to master the daily work and gain an understanding of the parts that may be relevant to your tasks as an operator.

Whether you work with the tool today or if it will be your introduction, this is the right training for you.

Our course leaders have long experience of tools, routines and combined experience from several organizations to give you as a participant a good technical insight. They introduce you to a recommended way of working that works in practice.

This course opportunity is not suitable for those administrators who want to learn more about installing, configuring and managing Operations Manager.

The course is held in Swedish and contains both theory and practical training.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Operations Manager
  • Basic functionality
  • Install and manage Agents
  • How to work with
  • Policy
  • monitors
  • console information
  • Manage groups
  • Views and dashboards
  • Knowledge Articles & Product Articles
  • Manage service windows
  • How notifications work
  • Rights and Roles
  • Explore is data with reports
  • Structure & Name Standards
  • Alarm Classifications
  • To think about performance
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SCOM Administrator

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