October 9th, 2019 at the Visual Arena, Lindholmen, Göteborg
This year’s theme was about process automation using Microsoft System Center & Azure.

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This year, sponsors and speakers focused on how an organization can become more efficient and deliver better IT with the help of automation around System Center and Azure.

In the last two years, there has been an increased interest in automation of processes in which monitoring plays a key role regarding efficiency and service delivery of IT. The road to automation by organizations is perceived as long and time-consuming.

For those who couldn't attend this year, or for those who want to download the presentations and look at photos, you will find everything below.

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Sponsor OpsLogix
OpsLogix is an international software manufacturer that develops add-ons and plugins for the Microsoft System Center suite and Azure.

Cookdown is unapologetically passionate about SCOM, it continues to be used in large enterprises for infrastructure monitoring and is a cornerstone for the monitoring of tomorrow.

Sponsor Derdack
Derdack automates notification and response workflows and combines targeted alert notifications, duty scheduling, ad-hoc team collaboration and anywhere remediation.
au2mator is providing a Self Service Portal for Microsoft Automation to build Forms and Workflows, to trigger Orchestrator, SMA or Azure Automation Runbooks.
Sponsor Approved
Approved is a well-known company for organizations working with Microsoft SCOM. Approved offers managed monitoring services that help IT departments towards an autonomous data-center.

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Stoyan Chalakov

Stoyan is Microsoft MVP and works as a Senior IT Consultant at POHN IT-Consulting, a Swiss IT consulting company.

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