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DevOps Upskill Program

This autumn Opslogix will be starting its DevOps initiative, which gives YOU a chance to become a Jr DevOps Engineer!

Your employment with us begins with an exciting and personal education, where for 1-3 months (depending on your previous IT skills), get both theory (MS DevOps Certification) and practical knowledge working hands-on with real customer projects. You get solid DevOps knowledge under the supervision of a mentor, and after the training, you can proudly call yourself Jr DevOps Engineer with us at Opslogix!

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Start your IT–career in three (3) steps


Admission Process

  • Admission & Interview
  • Aptitude - Personality Test
  • Employment

Do you pass the criteria?


DevOps Upskill 1-3 months

  • Personal training
  • Theory & Practice under supervision
  • Microsoft DevOps Certifications
  • Customer Projects

Jr DevOps Engineer - New start of your Career!

  • Certified DevOps Engineer
  • Obtain Jr DevOps Engineer title
  • Continuous Career Development with OpsLogix!

Admission Process

To be admitted to our DevOps Upskill program, you will need to have an innate interest and curiosity in software technology. You will also need to already have an understanding of how the technical IT world works.

We believe that after a couple of years with us your general IT knowledge and practical technical IT skills (including basic coding and scripting) will be ready to take on any challenge!

Criteria (1 or more of the following, does not have to be all 3!):

  • Post-secondary education in IT, Networks or equivalent
  • Work experience of IT work
  • Interest in coding

Some understanding and experience with:

  • OS (Windows/Linux/UNIX)
  • Infrastructure components (hardware, storage, servers, switches, etc.)
  • Some scripting language (PowerShell, Python etc.)
  • Cloud Computing (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Fundamental Networking skills (DNS, Routing, firewalls)

If you also have any experience or just the desire to know more and work with any of the following aspects in IT, we would be especially happy for you to join us!

  • Virtualization and containers
  • Version control (Git, Subversion, TFS)
  • Agile working methods (Scrum, Agile, Lean)
  • Documentation (Markdown)
  • Configuration Files (YAML, JSON)
  • Identity Access Management

DevOps Upskill 1-3 months

During 1-3 months, you will receive solid, exciting, and personal training in DevOps, where your learning speed is determined by your prior knowledge in IT and programming. There will be theory briefings, certifications, and practical learning in sharp IT projects. You get to learn DevOps "the OpsLogix way," and you have your mentor and the rest of the organization to support you. After the training, you can proudly title yourself a Jr DevOps Engineer and start your IT career with us at OpsLogix!

Jr DevOps Engineer – New Start of your Career!

As a Jr DevOps Engineer, you can use your newly acquired DevOps skills and will work with DevOps development toward our loyal and exciting customers. You will also have the opportunity to work with our internal processes and learn the breadth of our products and services. In our organization, you will soon see many development opportunities and career paths, where you, as a Jr. DevOps Engineer, are only at the beginning of your career with us! At OpsLogix, we continuously work on further training of our staff - We grow when you grow with us!

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Start date:



Gothenburg - Sweden

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a culture and practice that encourages communication and collaboration between software developers and operations professionals. It aims to improve the flow of information between these two groups, leading to improved efficiency and faster deployments. To achieve this, you need to be skilled in both areas. That's where our DevOps education comes in.
What you will obtain during your employment at Opslogix:
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