A successful Monitoring as a Service Case: Refinery and Base Oil Industry

by OpsLogix, on 12-Jan-2022 14:00:00


Saving time, money, and resources while keeping your IT infrastructure better monitored than ever – that’s what one of our customers in the refinery and base oil industry did. By implementing our Monitoring as a Service, they managed to turn unstructured monitoring into high quality, consistent such.

Their biggest pain point was the lack of time allocated for monitoring activities. Thus, the infrastructure team was aware of the state of the environment and monitoring, but could with the resources at hand not change that. 

They turned to Monitoring as a Service due to the complete set of predetermined processes and technology that allows for automation and therefore lowering the requirement of manual work hours while increasing quality. Additionally, they could benefit from the development, updates, and new features without any additional cost, making their monitoring relevant today, and future-proof! 

Do you want to know more about how your organization can benefit from Monitoring as a Service? Read the case study or contact our sales team!

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