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by Jonas Lenntun, on 08-May-2024 10:28:12

The latest release of our Opslogix Kubernetes Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager is now available. Version 24.5.4205.0 features the ability of filter to pod discovery to filter on …

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Topics:Management PackUpdate ReleaseSCOMKubernetes

by OpsLogix, on 22-Sep-2023 13:25:37

Custom Management Packs Each organization's IT environment has its own prerequisites and unique challenges. This also means that there are different needs for the monitoring and automation of every organization's …

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Topics:MonitoringManagement PackNews

by Vincent de Vries, on 28-Jul-2023 11:24:54

If you have already mastered the fundamentals of SCOM and are eager to take your skills to the next level by learning how to build Management Packs from scratch, Microsoft …

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Topics:Management PackSCOM

by OpsLogix, on 31-Aug-2022 07:30:00

OpsLogix is excited to announce the initial release of our new product, the Kubernetes Management Pack for SCOM. This product provides comprehensive monitoring for Kubernetes clusters and gives SCOM administrators …

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Topics:Management PackUpdate ReleaseKubernetes

by Jonas Lenntun, on 09-May-2022 09:00:22

VMware administrators can breathe a little easier today with the release of the latest OpsLogix VMware management pack for System Center Operations Manager. The new update includes a new feature …

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Topics:VMwareManagement PackUpdate ReleaseSCOM

by OpsLogix, on 20-Jan-2022 14:00:00

Management Pack Customization Every business is different, and every IT environment has its own set of challenges. Customized SCOM Management Packs are created to meet the monitoring and automation requirements …

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Topics:MonitoringManagement PackNews

by OpsLogix, on 21-Dec-2021 13:15:00

VMware is a market leader in multi-cloud services, allowing companies to innovate with control and enterprise governance. The company is constantly working on new updates, products, and improvements within the …

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Topics:VMwareMonitoringManagement PackSCOM

by Michel Kamp, on 29-Nov-2021 13:00:00

Finally, It's time for a new VMware management pack release, and yes, we heard you! A while ago we asked for your input and feedback in a customer survey. We …

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Topics:VMwareManagement PackUpdate ReleaseSCOM

by Jonas Lenntun, on 20-Oct-2021 10:32:57

Beginning of 2022, we are planning on a new release of our VMware Management Pack. We stay up to date and work on continuous development for our products to stay …

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Topics:VMwareManagement Pack

by Michel Kamp, on 19-Oct-2021 14:00:00

We’re happy to announce a new update release of our Oracle Management Pack for SCOM. The 21.9.2568.0 release contains new features, fixes, and changes. On top of this, we have …

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