Kubernetes Management Pack for SCOM Released by OpsLogix

by OpsLogix, on 31-Aug-2022 07:30:00

OpsLogix is excited to announce the initial release of our new product, the Kubernetes Management Pack for SCOM.

This product provides comprehensive monitoring for Kubernetes clusters and gives SCOM administrators a single pane of glass from which to monitor all their Kubernetes resources.

With this management pack, you can be sure that your Kubernetes environment is always running smoothly and efficiently!


There has been a lot of attention on container architecture and Kubernetes as cloud-native solutions grow in popularity. Containers and Kubernetes have been around for some time now.

Because of maturing technology and increasing cloud adoption, their growth has recently gotten a great deal of attention.

Many organizations still rely on SCOM as their main monitoring tool, it is rapidly utilized as a focal point in the resolution of many first- and second-tier problems.

This probably is why we've seen an increase in demand for full Kubernetes cluster visibility within a single pane of glass.


Why Monitor Kubernetes in SCOM

Many benefits have come with the rapid rise of containers in large businesses. DevSecOps, and IT teams all over the world, have benefited from this growth.

However, deploying containerized applications on Kubernetes introduces new problems because of its flexibility and scalability.

Keeping track of the health of apps — which are separated by containers and abstracted again by Kubernetes — may be difficult without the proper tools since there is no longer a 1-to-1 relationship between an application and the server it runs on.

There are several excellent solutions for monitoring Kubernetes, but there's a good reason why SCOM should include Kubernetes monitoring in addition to Prometheus.

We've put up an article that covers this topic in further detail.

SCOM is a great addition for monitoring Kubernetes - and this is why!

Kubernetes Management Pack

OpsLogix Kubernetes Management Pack makes use of the same collector architecture as the widely adopted and popular VMware Management Pack from OpsLogix.


This will ensure a minimal impact on both your Kubernetes Cluster and SCOM environment with intelligent caching, secure communications, and plug-and-play installation.

Kubernetes Management Pack monitors the health and performance of your containerized Kubernetes infrastructure. With our Management Pack, you can optimize its operation more seamlessly. 


To achieve efficiently yet low-impact monitoring the Kubernetes MP uses intelligent caching, secure communications, and a plug-and-play installation.

When monitoring containers, Kubernetes increases the resilience and efficiency of applications built on containers.

With the Kubernetes MP, you can discover the cluster topology; nodes, deployments, services and pods and monitor the golden signal metrics.


The Management Pack collects and monitors the clusters and pod logs for creating alerts in SCOM when an error is detected or for log investigations.

Any monitoring thresholds can be tuned by using SCOM overrides. By discovering and monitoring your Kubernetes components, you will get a 360-degree overview of your clusters and external components using Distributed Application Model (DAM) services.

How is OpsLogix Kubernetes Management Pack licensed?

OpsLogix Kubernetes Management Pack is licensed per CPU unit in Kubernetes.
1 CPU unit is equivalent to 1 physical CPU core, or 1 virtual core, depending on whether the node is a physical host or a virtual machine running inside a physical machine. Read more about resource units in Kubernetes.
The first year of support and assurance (SA) is mandatory and will be added to each CPU unit upon purchase.
Each sequential year, you will only be charged with the cost of software assurance & support.

Tested configurations

As the OpsLogix Kubernetes Management Pack relies on Kubernetes native control planes API server, any solution that exposes this API with native functionality can be added to SCOM.

OpsLogix has done testing on the following configurations:


A major concern for product development has been security. OpsLogix makes use of encrypted binary files to distribute RunAs profiles for added protection.


We only require read-only access to your clusters, just like the VMware Management Pack.


We would love to hear your thoughts on what new features you would like to see in the Kubernetes Management Pack.

Currently, we are investigating support for VMware Tanzu, SquaredUp Community Dashboard, added event monitoring from Kubernetes and additional performance rules and monitors.

How to get started

Please request a free trial from our sales team today to get started and receive instructions on how to begin.


For more information, please visit our Product Page or Knowledge Base


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