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Custom Management Packs - for your needs

by OpsLogix, on 22-Sep-2023 13:25:37


Custom Management Packs

Each organization's IT environment has its own prerequisites and unique challenges. This also means that there are different needs for the monitoring and automation of every organization's critical applications.

However, finding a monitoring solution that fits your unique needs is not always easy. Especially if your organization has particular regulations and demands that need to be taken into consideration.

Because of this, OpsLogix does not only provide a broad collection of ready-to-use Management Packs, but also offers customized SCOM Management Packs. 

Through our development services, we can develop Custom Management Packs for your needs, either as a Management Pack or as a part of our Monitoring as a Service, or Digital Operations Framework.

Customer case: Infor Cloverleaf

An industry with special requirements for monitoring is the healthcare industry. Working together with an organization in this industry, we developed a management pack for those working with Cloverleaf.

With the Cloverleaf Integration Suite, organizations within healthcare can combine clinical- and business healthcare systems. Through Cloverleaf, different systems communicate and can transform data from different standards in the industry.

The Cloverleaf Management Pack by OpsLogix allows IT departments to stay updated and to be able to monitor the messaging system's health. It also allows for the monitoring of connections with processes and threads, operational status, queue sizes, and processing latencies. It is available for Microsoft and Linux platforms.

With automated detection and component mapping, we want to ensure that you will never overlook a Cloverleaf process, thread configuration modification, or the addition of components.

In addition to this, we collect a variety of KPIs that can be used for dashboarding or reporting, such as:

  • CloverLeaf Monitor Process Status
  • CloverLeaf Monitor Threads LastRead Time
  • CloverLeaf Monitor Threads LastWrite Time
  • CloverLeaf Collect Threads Error Count
  • CloverLeaf Collect Threads MessagesIn
  • CloverLeaf Collect Threads MessagesOut
  • CloverLeaf Collect Threads QueueSize.

Metadata is the only data evaluated, and we do not store any sensitive information as healthcare organizations prioritize privacy and integrity in their data policies.

Are you interested in a custom Management Pack? 

At OpsLogix, we provide custom Management Packs and service- and framework solutions that are specifically made to meet your unique prerequisites. 

Are you interested in learning more about the Cloverleaf Management Pack or to discover the opportunities of requesting a new custom-made Management Pack? 

Reach out to us through the button below!

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