OpsLogix VMware MP: Introducing vSAN support

by Jonas Lenntun, on 31-Mar-2020 10:02:00

Through our connections with VMware we are currently busily preparing for the new release of VMware vSphere 7.
In our upcoming release in April, we are adding some new exciting features. Our key focus has since the start, to enable monitoring consistent throughout the whole IT-landscape.
And as we are preparing for the new VMware vSphere 7 release, we are now introducing support for VMware vSAN.

VMware vSAN is a core component for the delivery of your Software Defined Data Center. The newly added monitoring capabilities will support your IT-Operations with even better App-To-Cloud Visibility of your business-critical applications running in the VMware platform.

When the new version of our Management Pack is available, a complete release note will be added with all the new exciting features. But for now, we can reveal some of the key components we monitor.

Discovery of vSAN components

  • vSAN services
  • Disk groups
  • Physical disks
  • Relations between Disk and Disk Groups
  • ...

Over 70 new Monitors

  • SkyLine health checks.
  • Disk Latency / Congestions / IOPS
  • DiskGroup Latency / Congestions / IOPS
  • ...

More than 40 metrics collected

  • Disk
  • Disk Group
  • VM
  • Backend perspective of example Latency
  • Congestions
  • IOPS
  • ...


So are you running vSAN and looking for monitoring support natively in SCOM, subscribe to our newsletter, and we will give you an update as soon as its ready.

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