Our Ping Management Pack Just Got An Update - V

by OpsLogix, on 14-Jun-2018 13:11:27

We’re happy to announce a new update release of our Ping Management Pack V for SCOM 2012/2016. We’ve added three more Performance Monitors and reworked all the previous monitors in the Management Pack.

The full list of the changes we've made to the Ping Management Pack V

  • Replaced the WMI with a managed module to be able to handle a larger load
  • Added a performance monitor for average jitter
  • Added a performance monitor for average latency
  •  Added A performance monitor for average packet loss
  •  Reworked all monitors so the TTL, Payload, and number of an averaging point can be configured
  •  Improved configuration UI

Update Instructions

  1. Go the Ping Management Pack Product Page & download the Management Pack.
  2. Import the updated management packs.
  3. When imported wait +/- 10 minutes to get the updated MPs distributed in your SCOM environment.
  4. Restart the SCOM agent
  5. If you still don't see the dashboard please follow the instructions here.

Team OpsLogix


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