Update Release VMware Management Pack V1.3.10.1418

by OpsLogix, on 15-Jan-2019 14:11:31


We’re happy to announce a new update release this month of our VMware Management Pack for SCOM 2012/2016.

• The VMware collector will be automatically installed when a test connection is made in the Configuration Dashboard. The automated installation will also be done for custom SCOM resource pools
• In the new update, the monitor “Datastore usage” is based on percentage (%) and GB available storage space. This monitor is enabled by default.
• We’ve added extra Virtual Machine discovery properties, such as #CPUs #Network cards #Memory #Annotation #Virtual disks
• The monitor "Free space usage for the datastore as a percentage during an interval" has been disabled and replaced by the monitor "Free space usage for the datastore using percentage free and the GB free space during an interval."
• [Fixed] In some scenarios the discovery of Hosts and VMs remained incomplete (such as Hosts/VMs put in a different folder path would not be discovered).
• [Fixed] The counter “Datastore Highest latency millisecond” is now showing data.


  • Please be sure .NET 4.5 or higher is installed on the MS server
  • If you are already using our VMware MP, make sure to refer to our Upgrade Manual.

This latest release is upgradable starting from V1.3.0.0 or later.
The update is downloadable from the customer download area.
For more additions, changes, and fixes please refer to release notes.

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