We’re happy to announce a new update release of our VMware Management Pack for SCOM 2012/2016.

  • The Management Pack has an even lower systems footprint. We have decoupled the VMware collector from SCOM resulting in far better SCOM stability.
  • All alerts generated in vCenter will automatically be picked up by SCOM and a corresponding SCOM alert will be generated. Authoring templates are no longer needed.

  • Assign licenses to hosts (whitelisting) using the VMware administration dashboard. 

  • Data is cached and only sent to SCOM when there is a state change, additionally lowering the footprint of the systems. 

Note: Please be sure .NET 4.5 or higher is installed on the MS server.

This latest release is upgradable starting from V1.3.0.0 or later.

The update is downloadable from the customer download area.

For more additions, changes, and fixes please refer to release notes.




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