Oracle Management Pack Update Release (1.3.1683.0)

by Jonas Lenntun, on 09-Jan-2020 13:15:00

We are happy to announce a new update release this month of our Oracle Management Pack for SCOM. This release includes a rewritten backend with our collector service. This will reduce the load of your Operations Manager environment. 

The new version (1.3.1683.0) is now available for download in our customer download area.


  • Rewritten the complete backend to make usage of a collector service. This way we detach the SCOM modules from the Oracle client resulting in a way less footprint and more performance.
  • NOTICE !!! >>>Moved the Oracle configuration dashboard from monitoring pane to Administration pane.
  • The container DB discovery is now by default disabled.


  • Please be sure .NET 4.5 or higher is installed on the MS server
  • If you are already using our Oracle MP, make sure to refer to our Upgrade Manual.
  • This latest release is upgradable starting from V1.3.0.0 or later.
  • The update is downloadable from the customer download area.
  • For more additions, changes, and fixes please refer to release notes.

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