Notice: This Update is for the Resource Pool version of the Oracle Management Pack and is not applicable for the Single Agent version.


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We are proud to announce a new update release V1.3.15.271 for our Oracle Management Pack (SCOM Resource Pool) on the SCOM 2012 platform. This contains several changes and additions. You can read more about this in the included release notes contained in the update package download.

This update release is upgradable from of release V1.3.15.0 or later.

The update is downloadable throughout the customer portal if you do not see the Oracle SCOM Resource Pool version in you download area please contact sales.

Update Instructions:

Import the updated management packs into SCOM using the Operations Manager Console.

Please be aware of this: if you have saved templates or overrides into the oracle overrides MP named “OpsLogix IMP – Oracle (Overrides)” please do not import the oracle override MP file (OpsLogix.IMP.Oracle.Overrides.xml) from this update release. Otherwise you will overwrite your changes.

For any question please contact us by phone or email.

OpsLogix Sales and Development Team